Rural sewage treatment equipment the kernel environment comprehensive upgrade 3 DRBC stereoscopic structure integration of biological rotating disc equipment, lead the rural sewage treatment

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-18
Many netizens in for advice on problems of village and town sewage treatment equipment of this small make up today on the Internet to find the three articles about rural sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up in recent years, the zhuhai combining village demonstration, 'hundreds of thousands of village renovation' beautiful rural construction, lian jiang river basin water environment comprehensive improvement of rural sewage treatment equipment such as work, in order to realize the 'source of sewage and rain sewage diversion' as the goal, the whole domain rolled out drainage pipe network and sewage disposal and other environmental protection infrastructure construction, strive to crack the rural sewage disposal problem 'jin area zones street road community residents Mr. Hung on the community every day rain sewage diversion facilities construction progress, looking forward to an early enjoy rural area sewage treatment results in recent years, the zhuhai committee set up special governance of rural domestic sewage, introduced the implementation of' shantou rural sewage treatment technology guide ', to have in accordance with requirements of the integration of urban and rural village in the city ( Community) , practice area ( Town) Collection, treatment, sewage concentrated into the urban sewage pipe network unified plan, synchronous construction according to the statistics, as of November 28, 2019, the city's 1157 natural villages, 688 natural villages built sewage treatment facilities ( Including the urban sewage treatment plant) 59, rural domestic sewage treatment completion rate. 46%, 603 natural villages construction delighted to see rain sewage diversion system in an interview with reporters, many villagers concern and support for rain sewage diversion work, really realize the changes brought by the rural sewage treatment, to improve their living environment's urgent hope, but also achieved from the previous 'should I change' to now 'I want to change' the transformation of a village in environmental improvement, shantou 688 natural villages built sewage treatment facilities in this international standard specifies the rural domestic sewage treatment facilities for pollutants discharge limit, monitoring and control requirements, as well as the standard implementation and supervision and other relevant regulations, the provisions of this standard the rural sewage treatment facilities of water pollutant emission control, monitoring, standard implementation and supervision requirements of this standard applies to in addition to the guangzhou city sewage treatment equipment of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities outside the town proper water pollutant emissions management. 4. 1 village sewage treatment equipment. 3 building, rebuilding of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities, if located in the high water environment function requirements of the eight important lake water source, catchment area or water environmental capacity of small plain river network area, appropriate execution level standard system in shantou cheng engineering supervision co. , LTD. , authorized by raoping county housing and urban and rural construction bureau, in raoping town sewage treatment facilities of the PPP project public bidding procurement advisory services procurement project, welcome to conform to the qualifications of the suppliers bid 2, zhejiang rural sewage treatment facilities of water pollutant discharge standard project construction scale village sewage treatment project and urban black smelly water regulation engineering two parts, which, according to the project feasibility study and design of quantities, village sewage treatment project construction content includes sewage pipe network engineering ( Household to take over the project) , integration of sewage treatment facilities, pumping station project and network management platform shunyi district rural sewage disposal engineering ( The western area) PPP project the construction content mainly includes the shunyi district RenHe Town, Ma Po town, kraal hills, LiQiao Town, south town, after the sand valley town, tianzhu town, ZhaoQuanYing Town, Korea town, north stone runnel town 10 township 86 administrative villages, such as sewage pipe network, septic tanks and sewage treatment station construction content, involving the present situation of population 221127 people, Including the resident population) This project van nursing home sewage treatment facilities include the following around seven villages and towns ( XinDian Town, horse town, cao port town, double survey town, big town, ChaHe town, high-tech zone) Township of domestic wastewater and some industrial wastewater collection and treatment, and village sewage treatment project, including sewage treatment plants, sewage pipe network and pump station and rural integration planning and construction of sewage treatment facilities leizhou village sewage treatment the PPP project construction content mainly includes the south hing town, shochiku town, home town, qi water town, TangJia Town, YangJia Town, north town, yingli and town, longmen town, the town of air, dongli town, high town, QinDou town, wushi town, ke road town, shen tong town, baisha town, town 18 township jurisdiction over 1675 natural villages (attached Not including often living population below 75 or less than the rural sewage treatment equipment 20 natural villages, funding into town sewage treatment plant, the range of natural village) Sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe network construction of leizhou township sewage treatment the PPP project construction content mainly includes 16 town ( Mainly includes the south hing town, shochiku town, home town, qi water town, TangJia Town, YangJia Town, north town, yingli and town, longmen town, the town of air, dongli town, high town, QinDou town, wushi town, ke road town, shen tong town) The town sewage treatment plants and related pipe network, sewage treatment facilities overall size is 6. 80000 m 3 / d, form a complete set of sewage pipe network ( DN300 - DN1000) Total length of about 164. 88 km, sewage pumping station
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