Sand Filters - Keep Your Swimming Pool Crystal

by:Jinwantong     2020-09-02
When choosing a filter for your swimming pool you will discover a full range of options which can often be overwhelming and confusing with each claiming to be better than the other. Sand filters are great options for home pools as they are the easiest to maintain regularly- which is important if you want to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and clean all year round.
Swimming pool sand filters use sand to filter and clean the water in swimming pools. Sand filter have water pushed through the bed of the filter. The sand in it catches the particles and debris that are in the water. The clean water is then pushed back into the pool.
The two ranges of sand filters the Onga Pantera Sand pool Filters series and the Waterco Micron Sand pool Filters range is very famous.
The Onga Pantera sand filter are manufactured in Australia and are made from UV stabilized high-density polyethylene which makes them perfect sand filters for the Australian climate. The Onga Pantera's under-drain lateral system and proven Sta-Rite multiport valve are combined in these sand filters making them ideal for any pool, small or large, domestic or private. Onga Pantera sand filter have a long reputation for high performance and durability which is why they have l been the first choice for pool builders installing pool filter.
The Waterco Micron filter have been constructed from a blow mounded inner shell of fiberglass that is reinforced with polyester resin over wound with fiberglass filament. The combination of technology and durability also makes them a perfect choice sand filter for Australia and Australian pools.
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