Select the Best Pool Filter for Your Swimming Pool

by:Jinwantong     2020-09-06

Earlier, chlorine treatment of pool waters was preferred due to its low-cost and easy availability. Now a days, highly mechanized pool filters have totally replaced chlorinated system because skin problems was a common phenomenon among the swimmers. Hence, using pool filters has become must for a healthy swimming environment. There are various types of filters accessible in the market, but your job is to filter out best one for your lovely swimming pool. The basic types of filters found available are:

Sand filter
Cartridge Filter
Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Choosing the best is one of the toughest jobs which requires a detailed account of all three of them. Then it would be easy for you to make a concrete decision. Read through the following information for a better idea.
One of the most basic forms of filtering water is using sand as a medium. It entraps the unwanted particles like dust and dead remains, letting clean water to pass through into your swimming pool. When the sand becomes dirt laden, then automatically water pressure drops. The only way out is Back-washing and this is done by a valve. The sand filter is cleaned in reversed direction and same material is repacked into the filtering container. It is definitely the cheapest of all types and considered as environment friendly too. It can be easily installed which saves a lot of your precious time.
The only negative aspect of sand filters is that it requires a lot of maintenance. So if that is worrying you then cartridge filters are at your service. These are unique as a cartridge requires one time installment for your lovely pool. It is designed in such a way that you can easily know the time of its replacement. These filters are cleaned once or twice in a year proving to be low sustaining one. Working at low water pressures is another advantage of these filters thereby there is less back-pressure on the system. After making you aware of its positive ends, the quotient of affordability needs attention.
The DE filter is the most advanced form of filtering system. Its building structure is identical with the sand filter. The sieving material used is the soil containing debris of diatoms. It is termed to be an eco-friendly filter since it uses the elements of nature for the process to occur. This advanced substance helps to remove dust of 5 micron in size. Though the backwash factor is a part of this filter functioning, but its threat is much less compared to the sand filters. Since this earthy material is coated over filter grid therefore the process can function even at high hydraulic pressures compared to cartridge ones.
The above account must have cleared your mind about which filtering media is best suited for your swimming pool. So just scroll over the different websites to know more about their affordability and the other minute details offered by individual companies. Thus dive for a clean swim today!

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