Septic Systems - Basic Guide For Homeowners

by:Jinwantong     2020-08-08
There are innumerable systems in the house that are needed for their functionality and indispensable importance in the everyday routine and activities of the homeowners. The septic system may not be that commonly discussed and oftentimes deemed with discomfort. However, it truly is one of the things that no household could ever do without.
In order to know its significance and get the most out of its function in your home, there are basic information and tips that you must learn and understand regarding septic systems, the various elements it is made of as well as its maintenance.
Septic system is considered an underground, self-contained, and highly efficient wastewater treatment system. It is primarily there to dispose all your onsite household wastewater and treat them. In terms of its many features, bear in mind that septic and the traditional sewerage system have distinct differences that make the former a much-preferred system.
First off, septic structures are much economical and practical when it comes to the methods of its installation and maintenance due to its simplistic designs. Moreover, it is also very good since this structure is much space consuming because it does not require a much bigger and larger lot unlike the ones needed for centralized sewerage mostly in rural areas where houses are required to be spaced widely apart.
Second, septic methods are considered much more environmental-friendly because it primarily uses natural methods and processes for the treatment of onsite wastewater. This is definitely unlike the sewerage, which needs miles and miles of sewer lines for its installation. Hence, using the process of natural treatment, it is basically not a disruption and threat to the environment.
It is imperative to know that there are actually tow main parts included in this type of system known as the septic tank and the drain field. The septic tank is basically a type of watertight box. It possesses an outlet pipe and an inlet pipe in its design. Usually, the materials used for its construction are concrete or fiberglass. A septic tank made of concrete or fiberglass would hold the wastewater after it travels from different sewage pipes.
The water travels from the household through the sewer pipe to the septic tank. This is where it is naturally treated. Through its storage inside the tank for a very long time, the solid and liquid contents from your sewage could be separated from one another.
There are actually three main layers in the septic tank during the natural process of the wastewater treatment. The ones on the topmost layer are the solid wastes. These are much lighter than water such as oils and greases. The second ones are the partially cleared and processed water from your home's pipes. Meanwhile, solids that are heavier or denser than water are the ones settling at the bottom of the tank. After quite some time, these particles would start forming sludge or muddy substances.
Septic systems are important to understand especially the benefits it has to give to your home. This structure is especially salient to maintain and properly keep in order not to affect the different activities and routines you have in the house.

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