Service area sewage treatment equipment individual clinic wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-19
Many netizens in consulting about service area sewage treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces service of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up force tripod environmental protection will talk to you today from the sewage pipe network remote service area sewage effluent from key points of project upgrade service area is roughly divided into five categories, drainage, drainage and kitchen staff toilet of public toilets, food and beverage drainage is given priority to, can amount to ninety percent of the public toilets is a major source of service area sewage service area sewage treatment project septic tanks, sewage pool, should be integrated wastewater treatment equipment in closer from the big toilet position setting, shorten the pipeline construction cost, also can effectively prevent pipeline bituminous concrete integrated wastewater treatment equipment jams, according to data such as catering kitchen drainage of sewage total displacement into 3, due to high oil content is service area sewage treatment equipment, relying on the integration of equipment is unable to process the sewage, preliminary treatment should be carried out by the separation tank domestic service area of the common way is: independent set of a small gas station toilet septic tank, after preliminary treatment access service network, in the service area integration central treatment of sewage treatment equipment, individual clinic when using primary treatment processes, sewage treatment equipment should hospital sewage wastewater, rain water diversion and worker living area, only for hospital sewage disinfection treatment when using secondary or deep processing, according to the needs, staff living area sewage can be merged with hospital sewage processing, its kitchen water must be set well apart, Pool) , its water sinks into the septic tank, and then into the system the basic process of hospital sewage purification treatment primary treatment was conducted to to septic tank, adjusting the pool - service area sewage treatment equipment disinfection touch - basic process hospital sewage discharged into municipal secondary treatment to septic tank, adjusting the pool - biochemical pool - settling basin to touch the disinfection, discharged into municipal used for disinfection of hospital sewage in shi caihang sewage treatment equipment of septic tanks than for general sewage treatment of septic tank large effective volume 2 ~ 3 times so hospital sewage disposal should set cistern, continuous runtime Beijing sewage treatment equipment company, the effective volume of dealing with the water 30 ~ 40% computation by the day
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