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by:Jinwantong     2021-01-19
Many netizens in consulting about service area sewage treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces service of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up after years of exploration and technological innovation, a large number of application cases practice force tripod environmental protection has been successfully developed application in sewage treatment of LD - distributed equipment SA LD - SC, LD - SMBR LD - ,LD - Is up to date processing 1 t ~ 2500 t series of standardized products and regional intelligence operating system the company has 'special environmental protection engineering contracting 3 qualification certificate', 'decentralized sewage treatment facilities operation qualification certificate', 'environmental protection product qualification certificate', 'China national compulsory product certification', 'six national copyright qualification certificate', 'contract', 'bank aaa credit rating', and through ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and intellectual property management system certification, awarded the 'private technology enterprises in jiangsu province', 'China's rural environment governance model of brand enterprise', 'rural environmental governance paradigm award', 'integration of villages and towns sewage treatment technology innovation award', '2016/2017/2018 year China water industry niche and individual ability of leading enterprise', '2017/2018 suzhou sewage treatment equipment the rural sewage treatment outstanding case', '2017 villages and towns sewage district operational model award' national excellent enterprise ', 'suzhou industrial park, 2017 low carbon energy star', '2018 green development model enterprise', the eleventh week of suzhou international business elite green low carbon innovation entrepreneurship competition first prize 'and' the third session of the Beijing environmental protection innovation entrepreneurship competition and dark horse contest for TOP 9 'the environmental protection industry such as LD - service area sewage treatment equipment SA small purification tank is by force tripod independent research and development of environmental protection, sewage treatment plant at home and abroad for reference of the advanced design concept, combined with the characteristics of all kinds of dispersed domestic sewage in our country, can efficiently remove BOD, COD and P pollutants, such as equipment mainly USES the mature AO, MBBR process, stable and reliable technical performance, the effluent is stable and reliable, saving investment, use automation control system and network monitoring, LD - convenient operational management SC AO + MBBR technology on integrated wastewater treatment equipment, equipment, a variety of models to handle 2. 5 - 500 tons/day, suitable for all kinds of low concentration domestic sewage treatment projects, are widely used in the beautiful countryside construction, the scenic spot, temples, organic, high-speed service area, gas stations, stations, business school night at sewage treatment projects, such as LD - SC equipment unique micro dynamic design in assurance standards at the same time reduce the electricity LD - SMBR integrated wastewater treatment equipment for sensitive emission standard research and development of water source area, 10 - the equipment capacity 1000 tons/day, equipment internal integrated MBR membrane technology, to maintain A high concentration of microbial quantity, the water stability is better than that of level 1 A ( GB18918- 2002). , independent research and development of the equipment is capable of carrying force tripod of LD - Up water platform, and wisdom to realize real-time online monitoring of equipment 24 hours convenient user management equipment, village sewage treatment equipment expressway service area generally far from cities, not directly into the municipal sewage pipe network, urban sewage emissions if not treated on-site, life sewage treatment equipment of mould will be harmful to the environment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer to cause disputes, affect the normal operation of the service area, so you need to set up a separate distributed sewage treatment system for processing the main processing method is to use biochemical treatment technology contact oxidation method, combination of integration design of sewage treatment equipment mainly sewage and water quality parameters of similar industrial organic wastewater treatment by the general sewage water quality, water BOD5 at 200 mg/L service area sewage treatment equipment is mainly used hydrolysis acidification pool artesian water to the contact oxidation pool for biochemical treatment wastewater by biological contact oxidation pool artesian water into the tank, after further precipitation to remove the fall off of biofilm and part of the organic and inorganic particles, settling basin is based on the principle of gravity, when sewage containing suspended solids flow from down to up, by gravity, the material will settle tank emitted excess sludge aerobic digestion of stability in the pool, and to reduce the volume of sludge and improve the stability of the sludge
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