Sewage treatment engineering equipment Treasury wastewater treatment must walk the PPP project involving project construction equipment procurement service outsourcing cooperation may on its own construction

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-06
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment engineering equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website to introduce the related data of wastewater treatment engineering equipment, please follow look small make up water before getting into sewage treatment plant secondary treatment structures generally must first through the grille preprocessing, the purpose is to try to get rid of the nature or size for subsequent processing of the material when the sewage wastewater treatment engineering equipment secondary processing work of rural sewage treatment equipment adopts the traditional process ( Mainly refers to the three categories of AAO, oxidation ditch and SBR process and its improvement process) , the grid system is mainly separated out relatively bulky material when using more advanced technology, Mainly refers to the MBR membrane treatment process) , the separation of the grille puts forward higher requirements, also need to remove the tiny fiber material such as hair coarse grating general Settings before the water pump room, mainly used to remove the larger floating, suspended matter and protect water pump operation, avoid accidents of impeller winding, jam, at the same time, some rough material removal can effectively reduce the subsequent operation of the grid system load fine screen: 2 ~ 15 mm, filtration precision often USES mechanical slag removal, cooperate with coarse grid is used, mainly used to remove the coarse grid 'hook' small particles suspended material, reduce the operating load of the subsequent sewage treatment structures, the Treasury must walk the PPP project involves sewage treatment engineering construction without bidding equipment procurement outsourcing cooperation may on its own construction in other public services, the central government budget to support for the project cash flow and operation conditions, to be 'forced' to implement the PPP pattern recognition, encouraged to try to use the PPP mode, pay attention to project operation, improve the quality of public services in order to further implement the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council work, advance the public service as a whole the area deepening cooperation of government and social capital ( PPP) Reform work, improve quality and efficiency of public service supply in our country, consolidate and enhance the sustained economic growth, will now matters related to notice the following: financial departments at all levels to wastewater treatment engineering equipment is focused on the public services, according to the State Council on forwarding the Ministry of Finance of the people's bank of National Development and Reform Commission on the promotion of the government in the field of public service and social capital cooperation mode guidance notice ( Countries do hair [2015] no. 42) Rules to ensure public funds, assets and resources priority is used to improve the quality and level of public services, according to the regulations of the government procurement law relevant optimize the social capital partners, to prevent invalid investment and repeated construction of the financial departments at various levels shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments to plan as a whole demonstration project cooperation cycle, toll pricing mechanism, the framework and the allocation of investment income level, risk factors such as government subsidies, the scientific design of the PPP project implementation plan, to ensure that fully embodies the 'risk sharing, profit sharing, incentive compatible' connotation characteristics, prevent to fixed returns promised, repurchase arrangements, Ming government shares real debt methods such as excessive expenditure responsibility, to avoid the current government purchasing service instead of integrated wastewater treatment equipment of the PPP project long-term spending responsibility, avoid the PPP related demonstration program, increasing local government fiscal debt risk involved in project construction, equipment procurement, or service outsourcing of the PPP projects, has been selected on the basis of the government procurement law social capital partners, partners to self construction, production or provide services in accordance with the law, in accordance with the 'recruit sewage treatment factory standard law implementing regulations' article 9 of the regulations, partners can no longer tender
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