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by:Jinwantong     2021-01-03
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment environmental protection equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find introduced four article about sewage treatment environmental protection equipment related information, please follow the look small make up sewage treatment environmental protection equipment, a sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment, environmental protection equipment Tibet 2, 2020, the environmental protection water treatment equipment exhibition in shenzhen, China national water supply and drainage water wisdom sewage treatment of good policy, Hong Kong and Macao to boost large bay area rapid rise of ecological and environmental protection market in order to deepen the cooperation relations, the National Development and Reform Commission, the people's government of guangdong province, the government of the Hong Kong special administrative region, Macao special administrative region government signed the 'promoting the construction of large bay, Hong Kong and Macao to deepen cooperation framework agreement', '2020 guangdong bay water treatment technology and equipment exhibition' first league set by Beijing exhibition co. , LTD to undertake, in May 2020-12 - 14 opens in shenzhen international convention and exhibition center, the event has been a large bay area ecology and landscape of guangdong alliance ecological society related department of shenzhen, across the country, the ecological environmental protection water treatment industry well-known experts and scholars support the exhibition the ends of focusing on environmental protection water treatment, water purification, membrane and membrane module, urban water supply and drainage, instrument, valve pipe, air purification, sewage treatment environmental protection equipment door ecological environmental protection of new products, new technologies such as desalination, in line with the concept of 'ecological green development priority', Hong Kong and Macao to promote large bay area construction of ecological civilization, take the policy 'express', together industry of environmental protection experts and scholars all over the country, as well as many environmental protection enterprise high-level personnel will come together to promote big bay area ecological environmental protection technology, vacuum sewage treatment equipment scheme, positive discussion on the business model, for large bay area to explore the new way of ecological green development, advancing propose three pilot cities project, the new 2019 laboratory wastewater treatment equipment in shandong province water environmental engineering co. , LTD. Product environmental protection tool walter hua yu lu lab sewage treatment equipment is widely applied in medium and institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, medical institutions, biological pharmacy, the centers for disease control and prevention, ring, product quality inspection, inspection and quarantine, drug inspection, blood stations, livestock, hospitals, petrochemical industry, enterprise real sewage treatment such as environmental protection equipment in laboratory, laboratory wastewater treatment, the treated wastewater comply with the class a of integrated wastewater discharge standard after 【 GB8978- 1996 】 Of primary, secondary and tertiary standard, treated sewage can be discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network, and can also through the process again after the treatment of wastewater for reuse product quality inspection, food analysis room, laboratory wastewater generated by the agricultural technology center: chemical ventricular, drug residues, such as laboratory wastewater produced by biological pharmaceutical, chemical and physical analysis, quality inspection room, laboratory wastewater produced by companies such as: central laboratory, buried sewage treatment equipment manufacturers such as quality inspection room, laboratory, laboratory wastewater produced by four, sewage equipment daily cleaning sewage equipment daily cleaning is a very important one. Sewage treatment equipment to keep it clean, don't not pile up sundry on 2. Neat sewage treatment equipment, tools, artifacts, attachment sewage treatment environmental protection equipment order in 3. Sewage treatment equipment regular lubrication: oil conforms to the standard, oil pot, oil duct, linoleum, oil pipe clean clean can't block 4. Sewage treatment equipment safety: be familiar with the equipment structure and abide by the operation specification and reasonable utilization of equipment, maintenance equipment, prevent accidents
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