Sewage treatment equipment book wastewater treatment equipment market become green manufacturing swimmer

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-26
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment equipment book this small make up today on the Internet to find four essay on book of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up equipment - A O process to deal with the sewage, wastewater treatment equipment book its superiority is except for organic pollutants degradation, but also has certain function of denitrification and phosphorus removal, A/O process will be the first of oxygen and after aerobic in series with the period in the anoxic period of heterotrophic bacteria of sewage in the starch, fiber, carbohydrate suspended pollutants such as hydrolysis of organic acids and soluble organic matter, the macromolecular organic matter is decomposed into small molecule organic compound, insoluble organic matter into soluble organic matter, when the pool is entered into the aerobic anoxic hydrolysis product of aerobic treatment, can improve the efficiency of the wastewater biological sex and oxygen in oxygen, heterotrophic bacteria protein, fat and other contaminants to ammoniation of free ammonia, under the condition of sufficient oxygen, nitrification will NH3 - autotrophic bacteria For nitrate N oxidation, by circumfluence control returns to A pool, under hypoxic conditions, different bacteria denitrification will NO3 - 还原为分子态氮完成C、N、O在生态中的循环,实现污水无害化处理由于生活污水来水不均匀,造成污水水质、水量波动很大,因此只有足够的调节池容量才能使进入生化处理的水质、水量稳定,所以本工艺设置一调节池沉淀池上部设溢水槽,中部为沉淀区,下部为污泥斗,经过沉淀处理的水通过溢水槽进入后续处理设备,沉淀下来的污泥定期用泵提至调节池一、污水处理设备六大特点知道导流曝气生物过滤污水处理设备书能将污水理后,在不用深度处理设施和设备的条件下,达到中水回用水质,因此处理流程性简化导流曝气生物滤池利用滤料切割、阻挡、细碎气泡,强化气、液传质效应,增加微生物与空气的接触面积和时间,大大提高充氧率,减小耗电功率,因此运转费用经济性导流曝气生物滤池采用PLC实现程控运行,即通过通过液位传感与设备连锁,做到有污水自动最新污水处理设备开机,无污水自动停机导流曝气生物滤池是一种典型的高负荷、淹没式、固定化生物床的三相导流,脱氮除磷反应器,在不加大投资的前提下,污水处理设备厂家使处理后的污水优于排放标准,达到中水回用水质,因此技术前瞻性导流曝气生物滤池使污水在同一个处理池内,解决其它生活污水处理需要四个池子才能完成的工艺过程二、细述常用污水处理设备污水处理设备,是一种能有效处理城区污水处理设备书的生活污水,工业废水等的工业设备,避免污水及污染物直接流入水域,对改善生态环境、提升城市品位和促进经济发展具有重要意义污水处理行业最常见的设施就是:一体化污水处理设备、格栅除污机、气浮设备、二氧化氯发生器、污泥离心机曝气风机1. The most common is buried sewage treatment equipment, the main processing sewage 3. Suction dredge, center transmission mud scraper, peripheral transmission mud scraper large sewage treatment equipment, chain mud scraper return to sohu, such as three, sewage treatment equipment for more common problems that in the process of sewage treatment equipment have some problems, how to solve? 1, the equipment can't normal water: check the contact oxidation pool, sedimentation tank, sterilization tank, sewage treatment equipment, sludge pool unicom pipe blockage (book Blockage is usually fall off of biofilm and damaged elastic three-dimensional packing) 3, the body of the sewage treatment equipment is a relatively strong, but by the integrated wastewater treatment equipment mould manufacturer in long-term used in sewage treatment, sewage and contains a large number of active chemicals, some special cases, the wall will cause some rust, coupled with the unreasonable can also lead to the use of the equipment is broken, and even the emergence of abnormal situation, leakage would be prone to the sewage treatment equipment maintenance methods: one, every day at work to check the sewage treatment equipment into the sewage pump and the reflux pump whether ice, including lubrication oil pump, elastic filler, bottom valve seal than the filling oil air compressor four as environmental protection, sewage treatment equipment market manufacturing swimmer
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