Sewage treatment equipment. Commonly used water treatment equipment operational points

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-28
Many netizens are consulting about sewage treatment equipment. The problem of this small make up on the Internet today found five article about sewage treatment equipment. Related information, please follow look small make up water treatment equipment can use the lowest cost meet the national discharge standards, in fact, sewage treatment equipment is a kind of control is simple, convenient management, service time is long, low running cost, low noise, less quantity of sludge, low maintenance cost, low energy consumption according to the principle of biological reaction kinetics, the advantages of using multiple pools in series or parallel operation, make the sewage flow of sewage treatment equipment inside the reactor. Push the overall flow, in different areas in the complexity of the completely mixed flow state, not only ensure the stable treatment effect, but also improve the utilization rate of the volume of sewage treatment process in a sequencing batch type tank outlet add a tilt ( 60 - An Angle of 75 degrees) Plate packing, filtered water, increase the separation of the separating tank area, reduce the separation surface load is more simple, more convenient, comprehensive sewage treatment equipment shape more rules, equipment more convenient transportation, installation and debugging time is short, the installation process can choose according to need according to the principle of biological reaction kinetics, the pool more series or parallel operation, make the sewage flow in the reactor present whole push flow, in different regions is the complexity of the completely mixed flow state, not only ensure the stable treatment effect, but also improve the utilization rate of volume prospect in recent years, sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment plants around the DiBiao to integration of the sewage treatment equipment quotation made work is gradually integrated wastewater treatment equipment in China is introduced in the 80 s, with the increase of wastewater treatment and its application in wastewater treatment equipment. , continuous innovation and development in general, the technology research subject process improvement, process priority combination and the improvement of the performance of the filler, etc. , to further improve the processing efficiency, reduce energy consumption, highlight the advantages of integrated treatment equipment integration technology with biological membrane method sewage treatment equipment body at present, the integration of equipment developed for contact oxidation method and the MBR technology standard first, second, sewage treatment equipment of several major sewage treatment equipment can be divided into three major standards, such as: first, the sewage equipment to a powerful sports load and fight to get to the rural and urban sewage discharge have commonness and characteristics, which requires the sewage treatment equipment to have powerful movement within the composite impact resistance and sewage treatment equipment does not filter out the sludge concentration needs long-term stability to achieve high density wastewater treatment equipment. Sewage treatment equipment, the operation of the need to develop an advanced intelligent control unattended functionality, to control from the previous to now no equipment shall be buried sewage treatment equipment integration of the sewage treatment equipment and operation, need to have been the control center to receive all the work instruction function a good sewage treatment equipment, must have good water quality for a long time, the key point is long-term and stability, to ensure equipment long-term good water quality, this is the sewage treatment equipment is one of the important three buried sewage, wastewater treatment equipment repair methods of the sewage treatment equipment maintenance mainly includes routine maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance plan, the below small make up for the large sewage treatment equipment. Home to introduce sewage treatment equipment maintenance repairing method 2, this is a larger workload plan repair, sewage treatment plant to arrange 1 time 1 ~ 3 years, including main parts replacement and repair equipment, check the equipment and adjust the calibration, the device can meet the technical standards of 3, overhaul this repair is one of the largest a work plan, including the equipment comprehensive disintegration, check, repair, replacement, adjustment, and finally reassembled into a new machine, and testing of the appearance of a painting or a painting equipment in ap is according to the law of 'wear' in equipment, through the daily maintenance, in a planned way to inspect and repair, ensure that equipment in good condition the above content is often the Wright ryder Harbin water treatment equipment company to provide you with the maintenance method of sewage treatment equipment, I hope it can help you four, sewage treatment equipment, workflow animated graphic spread by content quality, interactive comment, share, and so on multi-dimensional score decision, sewage treatment equipment. The higher the level of medal ( ) , on behalf of its platform in the five, the better the comprehensive performance of commonly used water treatment equipment operational point b) Grille decontamination machine is working, monitoring equipment operation situation, found that failure should immediately stop overhaul a) Decontamination machine, screw conveyor, slag machine maintenance, repair, check whether equipment has boot conditions in reaction pool aeration time sewage treatment equipment. , check the size of air and gas is uniform, such as abnormal, depending on the circumstances, apply for arrange the aeration equipment ( 2) Air valve, aeration equipment, air pipe, water gate, diving thrusters, circulating pump equipment within the reaction pool, sewage factory as planned maintenance on a regular basis ( 1) Sludge thickener, centrifuge and sludge pump in operation, check the equipment working condition, timely maintenance and minor repairs
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