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by:Jinwantong     2020-12-24
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment equipment enterprises today, this small make up on the Internet to find three articles about enterprise sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up to infiltration filter system is a kind of artificial strengthening sewage ecological treatment system, sewage after pretreatment by septic tanks, remove the large suspended after pitching control match to the filtration device, and then spread in the soil capillary force under the action of gravity and motion, wastewater by physical entrapment in the migration process, physical and chemical adsorption, chemical precipitation, microbial degradation and plants, their function of purified when using red soil + 25% coal cinder to deal with sewage infiltration filter system, its removal rate of COD is 82. 7%, the removal rate of TP is as high as 98. 0% of NH4 + - The removal rate of N 70. 0% of TN removal rate of 77. 7% [ 16] Bai Yonggang, trickling filter treatment of rural domestic sewage, Chinese style trickling filter under stable operation state of COD, NH4 + - The contribution rate of N, TN and TP removal of 74 respectively. 5%, 79. 2%, 33. 8%, 47. 5% the above several kinds of treatment system, suitable for China's rural life sewage wastewater treatment equipment companies, at the same time should pay attention to the application of source separation processing technology, namely the preferred pollution source control, reduce the content of pollutants in wastewater and then adjust measures to local conditions, can use anaerobic treatment combined with this way, or use the earthworm ecological filter and constructed wetland serial processing, earthworm ecological filter and infiltration filter system series treatment series, trickling filter and constructed wetland treatment or artificial wetland and the combined technology to deal with infiltration filter system and so on, so as to achieve better water quality, further improve the status quo of China's rural water environment pollution, sewage treatment equipment procurement risk know 1. Sewage treatment equipment procurement of man-made risks ( 1) Price risk: (1) because before bidding collude with other suppliers and related personnel, discloses the pre-tender estimate, the equipment procurement losses ( 2) Purchasing quality risk: (1) because the quality is not in conformity with the requirements of the equipment supplied, the supplier and to the normal sewage construction projects can not carry out, to bring economic, technology, safety to the owner, the respect such as reputational damage ( 3) Plan and choose risk: sewage treatment equipment, please rank units, project management department purchase unit or used inaccurate purchasing plan or not science, led directly to the procurement plan in the process of risk, namely the purchase quantity, technical requirements, delivery time, quality and purchasing target large deviation occurs, this is not conducive to purchasing and contract management work, also not conducive to control of the engineering cost management 2. Equipment procurement accident sewage treatment equipment enterprise risk 2, aeration biological filter sewage treatment equipment manufacturers of aeration biological filter wastewater treatment, the equivalent of habitat for microbes is added in the aeration tank filling (attached Filter) Expected, the air-blowing under packing, is has the characteristics of the activated sludge biological membrane method, this process has the removal of SS, COD, BO bituminous concrete sewage treatment equipment D5, nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal effect, its biggest characteristic is the biological oxidation and intercept solid suspension sewage treatment equipment enterprise at an organic whole, save the subsequent two pond, on the premise of guarantee treatment effect to improve process simplified aeration biological filter principle of wastewater treatment process, biological filter water purification filter material in filter is the principle in the growth of biofilm on the microbial oxidation decomposition, filtration and adsorption intercept effect of biofilm and along the flow direction of classifying predator food chain, and biofilm formed by the internal micro environment and anaerobic denitrification - chengdu water technology co. , LTD Aeration biological filter sewage treatment equipment supplier three, sewage treatment equipment acceptance standard sewage treatment equipment is mainly acceptance: equipment test certificate, production license, please refer the invoice and list of spare parts and the eia report and other water treatment in order to let the user from anxiety, manufacturer of equipments in the sewage treatment plant deodorant sewage treatment equipment and water treatment eia standard were made by the manufacturer to help user to complete the corresponding inspection company has been formed mature level of environmental protection technology, technology, equipment, supplies and the complete set of the center, to urban and industrial wastewater treatment, wastewater recycling, sludge treatment equipment manufacturing center for expertise, as well as the matching engineering operation management and after-sales service system, our company will be based on this platform, provides the high quality for the general customers the one-off full-service 4 after the warranty expires, the company promises to users to provide life-long maintenance of water treatment equipment parts, continue to provide high quality service, and provide water treatment equipment spare parts with preferential price in the table with the eia report or requirements in the standard environmental protection measures, or the standard given in the eia approval, the manufacturer shall assist the user in the competent department of environmental protection monitoring station at the same level or by their entrusted to the next level monitoring stations completion acceptance, if do not conform with the eia, the actual construction according to the local water function regionalization to find the corresponding regional standards for pollutants discharge and surface water quality standard return to sohu, sewage treatment equipment companies to see more
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