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by:Jinwantong     2020-11-13
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment equipment company today four article about this small make up on the Internet to find the related information about sewage treatment equipment corporation, please follow look small make up school restaurant dining room need to be processed to achieve a wastewater discharge standard, this would require the use of the dining room restaurant wastewater treatment equipment, our company in the field of sewage treatment business for many years, has rich experience in sewage treatment and equipment manufacturing experience, school life sewage treatment is a trend in recent years, is also a rapid development of industry, many school life sewage to eat hutch waste oil separation and slag after pretreatment, still contains a lot of difficult mechanical treatment emulsion colloid of oils and fats, protein, dietary fiber and other organic pollutants, after dealing with the depth, can reach discharge standards, equipment investment and treatment effect is one of the important aspects is 180 - 5368 - 3502. Biological contact oxidation process is A cross between the activated sludge process and biological filter membrane technology, its characteristic is packing, are installed in pool bottom aeration oxygenation of sewage and make pool in the sewage flow state, to ensure good contact with sewage and wastewater in the packing, avoid the biological contact oxidation pool sewage contact with filler uneven defects of wastewater by the separation tank in addition to most of the oil slick and the leftover food scraps, into the pool, the sewage treatment equipment company in regulating pool homogeneous, average by the pump up to A level of biological pool, after period of heterotrophic bacteria in grade A biological pool will hydrolysis of soluble organic matter in water to organic acid, make the macromolecular organic matter is decomposed into small molecule organic compound, insoluble organic matter into soluble organic matter, protein, fat and other contaminants to ammoniation under the condition of sufficient oxygen, nitrification will NH3 - nitrifying bacteria N oxidation of NO3 - By circumfluence control returns to A level biology pool, under hypoxic conditions, different bacteria denitrification will NO3 - Reduction for molecular nitrogen, the contact oxidation pool their access to the settling basin for water precipitation, tank cleaning liquid water into clear water reserviors briefly, the water discharging standard one, sewage treatment equipment life bring great convenience, its main processing method is to use biochemical treatment technology is relatively mature - Contact oxidation method, water quality parameters according to the general life water water quality, sewage treatment equipment company bod 200 mg/l, the water effluent bod 20 mg/l index design, a total of six components: ( 1) At the beginning of pond ( 1) Sink pond: at the beginning of equipment at the beginning of soy products for the vertical flow sedimentation tank, sewage treatment equipment manufacturer pool sewage in the rising velocity of settling basin is 0. 6 - 0. 7 mm/SEC, settle the sludge with air to sludge pool ( 4) Pool disinfection and sterilization equipment, sterilization tank according to the specification: 'tji4 - 74 'standard for 30 minutes, and if the hospital sewage, disinfection can increase the residence time to 1 - the pool 1. 5 hours, using solid chlorine tablets dissolve contact ways of disinfection disinfection device can change the dosage according to the size of the water yield, achieve more water more drugs, less water less dosing purpose ( 6) Wind machine, fan: buried sewage equipment room is located in the wind above the pool disinfection, import adopts double sound insulation, muffler, inlets, fan filter, so the runtime no noise 3, biochemical pool using the biological contact oxidation method, the packing is lower, the volume of the load itself in the microbial oxidation phase, less sludge production, only three months, 90 days) More than a mud exhaust ( With dung suction or dehydrated into mud cake sinotrans) Several big standard first two, sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment can be divided into three major standards, such as: first, the sewage equipment to a powerful sports load and fight the integration of sewage treatment equipment quotation to get to the rural and urban sewage discharge have commonness and characteristics, which requires the sewage treatment equipment to have powerful movement within the composite impact resistance and sewage treatment equipment does not filter out the sludge concentration needs long-term stability to achieve high density sewage treatment equipment are in need of development of intelligent advanced sewage treatment equipment company run control unattended function, from the previous man charged into today's unmanned sewage treatment equipment must have been the control center, operation, make each work instruction function a good sewage treatment equipment, must have good water quality for a long time, the key point is long-term and stability, to ensure equipment long-term good water quality, this is one of the important of the three sewage treatment equipment, know life sewage treatment equipment daily maintenance 1. Sewage treatment of daily maintenance:
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