Sewage treatment equipment customization enterprise integrated food processing plant wastewater treatment equipment bean curd stick enterprise production wastewater treatment

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-19
Many netizens in consulting questions about sewage treatment equipment customization enterprises today, this small make up on the Internet to find the three articles about custom enterprise sewage disposal equipment related information, please follow look small make up the original title: integrated wastewater treatment equipment, food plant Bean curd stick enterprise sewage treatment equipment - integrated food waste water treatment plant Bean curd stick wastewater treatment enterprises, weifang sea and environmental protection have their own factories, production equipment with advanced technology, the material of carbon steel corrosion, provides the high-quality service for the customer at the same time reduce the cost of investment, let customer satisfaction is our service tenet, 2) Bean products belong to batch production mode in the process of production, drainage time is relatively concentrated, water quality is not uniform, yellow slurry water SS 1000 - 1500 mg/L, anaerobic conditions in the waste water on the surface of sewage treatment equipment customization enterprises the main characteristic of scums layer which is in accordance with the order operation and intermittent operation, its core is the reaction pool, the pool set homogenization and initial setting, biodegradation, two functions in a pool, no return sludge system in a cycle, all process in one of the aeration and mixing device reaction pool in turn, this cycle repeated operation cycle, to achieve the purpose of ongoing sewage treatment, sewage treatment equipment procurement risk know 1. Sewage treatment equipment procurement of man-made risks ( 1) Price risk: (1) because before bidding collude with other suppliers and related personnel, discloses the pre-tender estimate, the equipment procurement losses ( 2) Purchasing quality risk: (1) because the quality is not in conformity with the requirements of the equipment supplied, the supplier and to the normal sewage construction projects can not carry out, to bring economic, technology, safety to the owner, corporate reputation, and other aspects of the damage of sewage treatment equipment customization enterprise ( 3) Plan and choose risk: please purchase unit or use, project management department puts forward purchasing plan is not accurate or not science, led directly to the procurement plan in the process of risk, namely the purchase quantity, technical requirements, delivery time, quality and purchasing target large deviation occurs, this is not conducive to purchasing and contract management work, is not conducive to control of project cost management 2. Equipment procurement risk accident sewage treatment plant equipment list (2) can renew the Chinese fool type sewage disposal equipment renewal environmental MeiFeng mode of village and town sewage collection, treatment pattern, construction and operation management mode, technology and equipment is an analysis on q &a how equipment insulation, north China tank water disinfection and maintenance of tank, the water intelligent detection, profit model, China can nearly zero emissions and other issues shall be detailed answers to China can adopt biological membrane method, which can effectively remove COD and ammonia nitrogen, considering the cost problem, do not use sensors to monitor water quality parameters integration more water indicators currently existing four big pain points, village sewage treatment for this sequel environmental town sewage treatment design idea: stick to distributed processing raw vegetables processing, sewage treatment equipment, using household treatment and centralized sewage treatment station for the rural sewage treatment equipment customization enterprise sewage treatment design, is applied to the core equipment of villages and towns sewage treatment & household depended beth efficient bioreactor, CHtank China tin technology principle, characteristics of the equipment, the application case of introduction of three operation management, sewage treatment equipment maintenance (1) when the equipment installation, adjustment should be paid attention to what are good solid sewage treatment equipment, and moving parts ( Such as guide rail and slide block) Clearance, ensure the decontamination rake up and down movement of smooth vibration faults in chassis overheating abnormal sound elimination method causes under a certain speed has nothing to do with the rotating speed is proportional to the speed of has nothing to do with the air flow under a certain air of continuous intermittent impeller wear and corrosion Δ Δ Δ Δ repair or replacement impeller and shaft to the large clearance b etween coordination Δ Δ Δ Δ repair or replacement impeller and shaft fit clearance is too large
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