Sewage treatment equipment customization enterprise washing factory sewage treatment equipment is introduced in detail

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-18
Many netizens in consulting questions about sewage treatment equipment customization enterprises today, this small make up on the Internet to find the five article about custom enterprise sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up to 1. Sewage treatment equipment procurement of man-made risks ( 1) Price risk: (1) because before bidding collude with other suppliers and related personnel, discloses the pre-tender estimate, the equipment procurement losses ( 2) Purchasing quality risk: (1) because the supplier provide equipment quality does not meet the requirements of sewage treatment equipment customization enterprise, and to the normal sewage construction projects can not carry out, to bring economic, technology, safety to the owner, the respect such as reputational damage ( 3) Plan and choose risk: please purchase unit or use, project management department puts forward purchasing plan is not accurate or not science, led directly to the procurement plan in the process of risk, namely the purchase quantity, technical requirements, delivery time, quality and purchasing target large deviation occurs, this is not conducive to purchasing and contract management work, is not conducive to control of project cost management 2. 设备采购意外风险一、生活污水处理一体化设备设计那么,是不是所以的行业都可以使用污水处理设备呢快通过以养殖业粪便污水处理设备下文章了解一下污污水处理设备定制企业水处理设备的使用范围吧2、疗养院、企业办公区、商场、学校、部队、 机关单位地等4、高速公路服务区、车站、机场、海港码头、船泊点等生活区域类这里为大家简单介绍了污水处理设备的使用范围,其实只要是有污水产生的地方都需要污水处理设备,不仅仅局限于上述提到的行业二、污水处理设备应用领域针对污水水质的特点,采用常规的“A/O/O 生物接触氧化”工艺,该处理工艺较为简单,操作运行方便,日常社区门诊污水处理设备费用低廉,出水稳定,主要设备为钢结构,考虑到厂区周边环境和卫生问题,故该污水处理采用全埋地式结构,上部覆土, 种植花木、草坪,进一步美化环境在整个处理系统中设置了污水调节池通过调节池设置,能充分平衡水质污水处理设备定制企业、水量,使污水能比较均匀进入后续处理单元,提高整个系统的抗冲击性能减少处理单元的设计规模因为生活污水中有机氮含量高,在进行生物降解时会以氨氮的形式出现,所以排入水中的氨氮的指标会升高,而氨氮也是一个污染控制指标,因此在接触氧化池前加缺氧池,缺氧池可利用回流的混合液中带入的硝酸盐和进水中的有机物碳源进行反硝化,使进水中NO2- 、NO3 - Reduction of N2 to denitrification, at the same time of removal of organic matter degradation of ammonia nitrogen value is a kind of biological contact oxidation pool membrane method is given priority to, with activated sludge biological treatment device, by providing oxygen source, of organic matter degradation by microorganism adsorption, sewage, unifying the purified water quality of three, food processing factory sewage wastewater treatment equipment bean curd stick enterprise production of the original title: integrated wastewater treatment equipment, food plant Bean curd stick enterprise sewage treatment equipment - integrated food waste water treatment plant Bean curd stick enterprise custom FeiWuShui processing equipment in water treatment, weifang sea and environmental protection have their own factories, production equipment with advanced technology, the material of carbon steel corrosion, provides the high-quality service for the customer at the same time reduce the cost of investment, let customer satisfaction is our service tenet, 2) Soy sewage treatment station equipment belong to batch production mode in the process of production, the drainage time is relatively concentrated, water quality is not uniform, yellow slurry water SS 1000 - 1500 mg/L, anaerobic conditions in wastewater surface scum layer is the main feature of it is according to the order operation and intermittent operation, its core is the reaction pool, the pool set homogenization and initial setting, biodegradation, two functions in a pool, no return sludge system in a cycle, all in a process with aeration or mixing plant reaction pool in turn, this cycle repeated operation cycle, to achieve the purpose of ongoing sewage treatment 4, washing plant wastewater treatment equipment in detail wastewater collection into the grate canal, canal of using gratings to intercept the water floats and suspended solids and then enter the adjusting pool ( Adjusting pre aeration pool taken) Homogenization of water quality, stable water level, flocculant dosing coagulation - Liquid after the separation, the lift pump into YanYangChi anaerobic treatment, anaerobic bacteria in the decomposition of reductions in sewage BOD5, gravity into A period of hydrolysis acidification pool, sewage hydrolytic acidification in them, will be difficult to biodegradable macromolecular organic matter into the small molecules that easily biodegradable organic waste water after water quality regulation on hydrolysis and acidification in this unit, the purpose is to decomposition of organic pollutants (pops) such as large molecular weight proteins into smaller molecular weight organics, oxygen biochemical treatment unit for the next level of guizhou province
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