Sewage treatment equipment installation MBR membrane water treatment equipment installation process

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-19
Many netizens are consulting about the problem of sewage treatment equipment installation site small make up today on the Internet to find an article about introduction of sewage treatment equipment installation related information, please follow look small make up water treatment equipment installation MBR wastewater treatment equipment, MBR membrane water treatment equipment installation process for MBR membrane filtration effect, microbes were completely trapped in the bioreactor, completed the hydraulic retention time and sludge age thoroughly separation, active sludge eliminates the traditional active sludge process of sludge sewage treatment equipment of coal mine swell problem, often used for buried sewage treatment installation, so the MBR membrane on wastewater treatment equipment installation process is what kind of do everything after commissioning work well, water pump, pipeline without leaking air condition, you can proceed to the installation of the MBR membrane, membrane installation 1 first want to finish the installation environment, a spin-off from the packaging film has satisfied the local can smooth place, in the process of installation is likely to touch on the surface of the membrane sharp blunt bandaged up pay attention, prevent a damage to membrane installation process just came out from the bags from the demolition of new membrane surface is more sticky, installation time, if you don't put water plays a role of smooth near the two membrane surface stick stick together, if press down hard sewage treatment plant sludge dewatering equipment damage can lead to the membrane surface 4, each diaphragm installation, after packing down to do a detailed inspection, check every piece of membrane surface scratch marks, check whether there is glue glue it open, if found that the problem should be installed and the sewage treatment equipment replacement diaphragm
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