Sewage treatment equipment. Know life sewage treatment equipment daily maintenance

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-14
Many netizens are consulting about sewage treatment equipment. The problem of today, this small make up on the Internet to find the three articles about sewage treatment equipment. Of related information, please follow look small make up 1 completes the sewage treatment equipment normal running records, including water treatment, o-phenylenediamine and dissolved air water, dissolving tank pressure, water temperature, power consumption, in and out of the water quality, sludge discharge cycle, if the moisture content of sludge separation zone scum surface uneven, often have a big pool surface bubbles burst, and indicate the bubbles and flocculated grain adhesion owe good, should check the coagulation system tuning and sewage treatment equipment. Whole or adopt the appropriate way to 3 regularly check the sewage treatment equipment of air compressor and pump packing and lubrication system, often come on 4 during the winter water temperature is too low, because of the difference of flocculation, in addition to the general demand add o-phenylenediamine, sometimes needs corresponding add dissolved air water or dissolved air pressure, let more micro bubbles stick flocculated grain, to compensate for the water viscosity of adding flocculant and influence on gas floating function, and then ensure effluent is more than normal is what small make up for the sewage treatment equipment is the protective measures are introduced, and the sewage treatment equipment to do regular check, discover the problems of sewage treatment equipment, but also pay attention to a maintenance of the sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment accessories we belong to the low concentration of waste water, daily sewage containing element is more, can be good biochemical shenyang wastewater treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment used is not only to improve our environment, water pollution can be reduced by 1, sewage treatment equipment is the role of the grille well suspended solids in the wastewater, impurity segregation, lest affect later sewage treatment equipment. Equipment processing 3, sewage treatment equipment YanYangChi role: sewage flows into YanYangChi, through mixer mixing effect of sewage and combination of anaerobic bacteria, the effect of oxygen pool: YanYangChi water into the oxygen pool further decomposition of organic matter, ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus removal of sewage, anoxic pool upper supernatant fluid into the contact oxidation pool, and the sludge through reflux pipe into YanYangChi, increasing the concentration of the YanYangChi, improve the processing efficiency of YanYangChi, when the concentration of the YanYangChi saturated after close the backflow, open the valve of flow to the sludge concentration pool, let the sludge in the sludge thickener directly into 5, sewage treatment equipment, contact oxidation pool: when YanYangChi water into the contact oxidation pool with contact oxidation in sewage pool of oxidizing bacteria ( The three-dimensional elastic packing) After a good contact with sewage is decomposed into CO2, H2O, CO2 discharge water through the role of the blower, know life sewage treatment equipment daily maintenance 1 sewage treatment equipment. 。 Sewage treatment of daily maintenance: this belongs to the external maintenance, is to clean the equipment, inspection, maintenance, such as gas shall be borne by the operator, and as part of the succession. Sewage treatment level of maintenance: testing of the vulnerable parts of the inspection and maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, local and key equipment of disassembly and adjustment, etc. , in under the guidance of professional maintenance staff shall be borne by the operator. 3. Sewage treatment of secondary protection of small hospital sewage treatment equipment have: to strict inspection and repair of equipment, including replacement parts and repair the equipment precision equipment repaired roof system is according to the law of 'wear' in equipment, through the daily maintenance in a planned way to inspect and repair, ensure the sewage treatment equipment is in good working order, often working system of the sewage treatment equipment maintenance man to repair and maintenance and plan, to prevention, 3 day 500 tons of sewage treatment equipment tertiary treatment process is introduced today we look at life the knowledge of the sewage treatment, sewage can be divided into tertiary treatment, so as to meet the requirements of sewage treatment, of course, different specific treatment methods of sewage is also different, specific processing equipment 180 - professional consulting company for details 5368 - 3502. Sewage treatment level of the whole process of tong complete sewage treatment equipment of coarse grating raw sewage after sewage lift pump ascension through the grille or sieve rate, after enters the grit chamber, after sand water separation of wastewater into the settling basin for the first time, more than for primary treatment ( The physical processing) , the pond water into biological processing equipment, at the beginning of the activated sludge and biological membrane method, ( The aeration tank reactor of activated sludge process, such as oxidation ditch, biological membrane method including biological filter, biological rotating disc, biological contact oxidation and biological fluidized bed) And biological treatment of effluent into the secondary sedimentation tank, two sink the pool water is disinfected emissions or into the sewage treatment equipment. Into the tertiary treatment, primary treatment end to this as the secondary treatment, tertiary treatment including biological denitrification and phosphorus removal, coagulation sedimentation, sand filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange and electrodialysis method machinery ( Level 1) Processing stages including grille, settling pool, pond, etc. At the beginning of structures, to remove large particles and suspended solids, for the purpose of the principle of processing is by physical method to realize the solid-liquid separation, separate the pollutants from sewage, this is a widely used way of sewage disposal of sewage processing wastewater biochemical treatment:
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