Sewage treatment equipment moving figure 43 working principle of the wastewater treatment process equipment | collection

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-02
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the three articles about the introduction of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up we belong to the low concentration of waste water, daily sewage containing element is more, can good biological sex, the use of the sewage treatment equipment is not only to improve our environment, water pollution can be reduced by 1, sewage treatment equipment is the role of the grille well suspended solids in the wastewater, impurity segregation, lest affect equipment processing 3, sewage treatment equipment of the late YanYangChi role: sewage flows into YanYangChi, through mixer mixing effect of sewage and combination of anaerobic bacteria, the effect of oxygen pool: YanYangChi water into the oxygen pool further decomposition of organic matter, ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus removal of sewage, anoxic pool upper supernatant fluid into the contact oxidation pool, and the sludge through reflux pipe into YanYangChi, thus increasing the concentration of the YanYangChi, improve the processing efficiency of YanYangChi, when the concentration of the YanYangChi saturated after close the backflow, open the valve of flow to the sludge concentration pool, let in the sludge thickener sludge directly into 5, sewage treatment equipment, contact oxidation pool: when YanYangChi water into the contact oxidation pool with contact oxidation in sewage pool of oxidizing bacteria ( The three-dimensional elastic packing) Full access after living sewage is decomposed into CO2, H2O, by the blower for CO2 discharge water sewage treatment equipment with a dynamic figure, 43 intuitive demonstration wastewater treatment process equipment working principle of the original title: 43 figure, intuitive demonstration sewage treatment process + equipment working principle based on the dynamic figure 43 intuitive show us the sewage treatment process and equipment working process, dry, full build sewage treatment equipment about 4, two levels of biological denitrification process 10, two phase biological fluidized bed 11, three-phase biological fluidized bed sewage treatment facilities in hebei art 2, sewage treatment engineering acceptance 27 classic q&a devices from the sewage treatment, should the quality, the interactive comment, share, spread of multidimensional score decision, such as medal level is higher, ) , on behalf of its comprehensive table within the platform of guangzhou sewage treatment equipment is the better three, dynamic figure 43 working principle of the wastewater treatment process equipment | collection ( 2) AB process water treatment system installation and monomer test examination and acceptance of the main equipment are: 7, the sewage treatment plant sludge treatment system should be how to unit test the MBR wastewater treatment equipment acceptance and preliminary integration ( 3) Preliminary examination of sludge treatment system and sewage treatment equipment unit test should pay attention to the following problems: 9, sewage treatment plant of test instruments and automatic control system of the monomer and preliminary acceptance should be how to answer: in the preliminary acceptance and monomer commissioning phase is for civil engineering structures, equipment installation, electrical control, pipes, valves, find out problems, such as aided engineering maintenance and replacement, make it up to the qualified, on this basis, the sewage treatment plant can be turned into drainage systems and the linkage commissioning
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