Sewage treatment equipment of rural towns sewage treatment equipment is suitable for distributed sewage treatment

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-22
Many netizens in consulting questions about the town sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the second article on the related data of villages and towns sewage treatment equipment, please with small make up and see it in recent days, the right of the tripod with two handles small make up the learned that, since the jingmen town sewage treatment equipment put into use, jingmen, shop east area bao zi ling town sewage treatment plant in thunder rolling town sewage treatment equipment, urban sewage by processing has become a wang water 'of the sewage treatment plant is in December last year began trial operation, the shop can completely satisfy the ling son town sewage and industrial wastewater treatment demand in the past, zi ling town shop no sewage treatment facilities, living sewage and industrial waste water straight into the eight river flows through the town of child according to the design, the sewage treatment plant can handle child ling town 1. 50000 life living sewage and sewage treatment facilities equipment more than 100 enterprises in the industrial wastewater with sewage treatment plant commissioning, the color of the eight river river also quietly changed, rural villages and towns sewage treatment equipment is suitable for decentralized wastewater treatment because of villages and towns wastewater with displacement pediatric dispersion and water quality fluctuation is bigger, and compared with the cities, towns and villages in the social, economic and technical conditions such as differences in rural sewage treatment in unfavorable use a mature urban sewage process, and some of the so-called ecological process often can not meet the requirement of the process, or the lack of implementation of conditions, Such as land resources) And should use some process is simple and good treatment effect, covers an area of provincial, low energy consumption, simple operation and management, secondary pollution and less advanced town sewage treatment process, adopts the distributed method for processing the new combined compound biological filter reactor, a new compound biological filter reactor due to the modular structure of the special design and composite filter material, not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional biological filter is easy to jam, also greatly improve the processing efficiency and stability of the reactor, has a good processing effect, high treatment efficiency, simple structure, low construction cost, covers an area of the province, low energy consumption, Only hydraulic promoted, no other energy consumption) , convenient operation management, low operation cost of various advantages, at the same time also have certain ability of denitrification and phosphorus removal reactor, and impact resistance load in addition, the development of integrating pretreatment, secondary processing and deep processing of middle and small town sewage treatment integration equipment, is a trend in the development of decentralized sewage treatment at home and abroad, in the township and village life in the integration of sewage treatment equipment manufacturers have broad prospect of application in the integrated equipment is mainly by anaerobic - Aerobic - town sewage treatment equipment The second pond combination process, both the function of the degradation of organic matter and nitrogen, the effluent BOD5, township hospital wastewater comprehensive hospital wastewater one-piece sewage treatment equipment scheme is introduced for general ao condition integrated wastewater treatment equipment, hospital sewage slime separation requirements is not high, only a larger changes of the water, the conventional pretreatment process can be used 1) , when a relatively stable and sewage water of organic and inorganic sand separation of suspended solid have higher requirements, the process can be used 2) , when the concentration of suspended solids in sewage is lower town sewage treatment equipment, or suspended solid assumes the posture is not easy to remove, the process can be used 3) , disinfectant in the subsequent processing can make efficient use of the hospital sewage pollutant concentration is generally lower than that of domestic sewage, are often higher than the secondary emission standards, such as using the secondary biological treatment, the investment cost is higher, so some level enhanced ~ pretreatment process or is called the level 1 and a half pretreatment process can also be in hospital sewage treatment in accordance with the requirements of processing appropriate choose hospital sewage secondary treatment is mainly refers to the biological treatment, its purpose is to remove dissolved and posture of organic pollutants in wastewater hospital sewage water volume small, the change of water quality, suspended solids and bacteria concentration is high, the subsequent must be strengthen the disinfection process characteristics and determine the hospital sewage secondary treatment process should meet the high load, ability to withstand water change, simple operation, stable running, such as requirements, general small sewage treatment technology can be used for hospital sewage secondary processing _4J, now better hospital sewage treatment methods have a hydrolysis contact oxidation process, CASS process, such as the l hospital comprehensive wastewater disinfection treatment is the final step of the sewage treatment system, also is the key to hospital sewage treatment, its purpose is to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the water and fecal coliform
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