Sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment to the main equipment structure construction

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-01
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the four article about introduction of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the original title: what are the industrial wastewater treatment equipment irreplaceable advantages compared with other large sewage treatment equipment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment which can not be replaced by the advantage of 3, alleviate the pressure of the urban pipeline construction, reduce the sewage pipe network construction of large-scale sewage wastewater treatment equipment plants usually require large municipal pipelines, costly, difficult management adopts industrial sewage treatment equipment can reduce the pressure of municipal pipeline construction, sewage treatment process simulation of urban wastewater treatment plant 3. All reaction pool, sedimentation tank made in transparent organic glass, and observed the sewage in the whole process of experimental phenomena, a deeper understanding of the whole structure of equipment, to master the details of 4 of the sewage treatment process. YanYangChi equipped with mixing plant, sewage treatment equipment for anaerobic reaction, set up the integration of sewage treatment equipment manufacturer with gas metering and recycling system, air can adjust control, adopting compound inverted A2 / O process to deal with sewage, to strengthen the effect of waste water with biological nutrient removal tank, YanYangChi, anoxic pond, aerobic pond, sedimentation tank, into the water pump, liquid flow meter, gas meter, mute oxygen filling pump, stainless steel mixer, speed regulating motor, thyristor speed control device, return sludge pump, return sludge flowmeter, mixture reflux pump, mixture flow meter, pipes, valves, stainless steel stents, electric cabinet. Return sludge pump: power of 30 w, rated flow of 10 l/min, rated head is 6 m10. Mixture reflux pump: power of 30 w, rated flow of 10 l/min, rated head is 6 m 2, sewage treatment engineering equipment cost of the original title: sewage disposal engineering and equipment cost how to calculate the sewage treatment project and set of sewage treatment equipment for sewage treatment equipment cost how to calculate the 1. Sewage treatment engineering cost how to calculate the sewage treatment equipment cost 2. Sewage treatment engineering cost how to calculate the three main equipment need structure construction, sewage treatment will adjust the pool water biochemical treatment ascension to touch the contact oxidation pool and buried sewage treatment equipment, as the name implies, the treated water will enter the pool disinfection disinfection and then the final discharge, generally choose a disinfectant used to gather the pond, pond, all at the beginning of the sludge and aerobic nitrification, sludge in the pool that general supernatant fluid will flow back to contact oxidation pool in the treatment of the buried sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment equipment in place sewage treatment equipment price principle of sewage, the wind room generally in sterilization tank top four, 43 figure visualize how wastewater treatment process equipment working principle of the original title: 43 figure, intuitive demonstration sewage treatment process + equipment working principle based on the dynamic figure 43 intuitive show us the sewage treatment process and equipment working process, dry, full proposal collection 4, two levels of biological denitrification of wastewater treatment equipment art 10, two phase biological fluidized bed process 11, three-phase biological fluidized bed process
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