Sewage treatment equipment service life right tripod integration of sewage treatment equipment of carbon steel corrosion protection long service life

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-22
Many netizens in consulting questions about the service life of the sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find four article on the service life of the sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow small make up and see it in the current sewage treatment equipment on the market, we are familiar with the sewage treatment equipment, but many buyers in the life of use after in-depth understanding of the problems and ask, after the comparison, will find that different manufacturer of sewage treatment equipment will give different answers, but in fact, the service life of equipment depends on the relationship between different materials and daily maintenance, so in the process of sewage treatment equipment in everyday use, should be regular maintenance, to avoid the service life of the sewage treatment equipment to avoid because of the serious consequences caused by small losses 1, first of all, because of a lack of lubricant, must check each part of the equipment, and it should be noted that the new equipment will need to adjust period 2, in some holidays, equipment need to stop for a long time, namely, check whether the equipment system is in good condition, buried sewage treatment equipment innovation traditional buried sewage treatment equipment shell generally used carbon steel welding, pipe is iron, so early equipment casing corrosion is a common fault, its service life generally in 3 years or so the appearance of glass fiber reinforced plastic is favored by a lot of water treatment equipment manufacturers, PVC pipe also improved the working life of the equipment, now a new type of FRP can be up to 20 - buried sewage treatment equipment life 30 years of the early buried sewage treatment equipment widely used AO, SBR process, because the technology has simple structure, lack of packing, aeration equipment and fan factors lead to the purification of the equipment efficiency is not high new technology of buried sewage treatment equipment more sewage treatment equipment. Good, AO, A2O, the application of MBR and combination technology greatly enhance the purification ability of equipment of new type buried sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment to enhance the efficiency of service life is better, but we the water environment problem is increasingly serious, restaurants, 2 washing wastewater treatment equipment right tripod sewage treatment equipment performance characteristics: strong processing capacity, high degree of integration, service life long ding integrated sewage processing complete sets of equipment, equipment structure: 1, acid XieChi 2, 3 level of tank, the secondary tank 4, sedimentation tank, 5, 6 wind room, disinfection ChiQuan tripod environmental production of sewage treatment equipment, with easy transportation, corrosion product of sewage treatment equipment corrosion, light weight, reliable operation, long service life and other significant characteristics, can be run, continuous uninterrupted and efficient use of activated sludge activity to remove the organic pollutant in the sewage, widely used in various hotels, hospitals, schools, hotels, factories, expressway service area, residential area and the station, and many other areas of wuhan right tripod environmental protection technology co. , LTD. Is a collection of environmental protection technology consulting, design, construction, research and development, equipment manufacturing and installation and debugging, the PPP project cooperation, operation management, sewage treatment equipment service life ( OMC) And other business for the integration of professional environmental protection company, the factory is located the wuhan jiangxia district gold industrial park, office area is located in wuhan hongshan district street mouth mega rich international has a right to room 2006, ding environmental protection equipment research and development team in manufacturing, construction installation and debugging, successively undertake completed more than three hundred wastewater treatment engineering, and more than two hundred water purification engineering, including qunguang sewage treatment engineering, hkust jingwuyangxiong duck neck, China, wastewater treatment and water reuse engineering projects such as three was rated as excellent model projects in towns and townships, golodensea environment for various water quality analysis equipment sewage treatment process wastewater plant, due to the different product draperies washing wastewater of sewage treatment equipment water quality is not the same, if some factory is acidic wastewater, wastewater and some factory is alkaline, together treatment can reduce the processing of neutralization agent cost some high salt and low COD of the effluent from the factory, and some factory wastewater is a high concentration of easily biodegradable, if individual treatment, are waste water management is very difficult, but if put together for biochemical treatment, as a result of the water quality conditions improve, not only can reduce the waste water processing difficulty, and can improve the efficiency of processing, recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste water pollutants in, is in the water in the process of production of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and reaction medium ( Such as solvent) , especially some chemical reactions in fine chemical production can not be very safe, the product of the separation process is also impossible to thoroughly, so especially in mother liquid reaction in wastewater often contains a number of useful substances in the wastewater treatment system of wastewater treatment equipment service life design, in line with the advanced technology applied, technological measures are pointed, reliable, stable, easy open easy to stop operation, the system of one-time investment and daily operation cost province, large extent reduce the venues occupy large area and limit the use of the principle of the original treatment facilities integration principle of washing wastewater treatment equipment news treatment process control integration washing wastewater treatment equipment news wastewater treatment design main process is as follows: after the collection of sewage through a grating, removing large sewage treatment equipment of suspended matter in anhui, floats, and ribbons
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