Sewage treatment equipment. Sewage treatment equipment is suitable for distributed sewage treatment in rural township

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-28
Many netizens are consulting about sewage treatment equipment. The problem of this small make up on the Internet today found three articles about sewage treatment equipment. Of related information, please follow look small make up at present our country attaches great importance to the enterprise sewage emissions problem, each enterprise use of sewage treatment equipment is imperative, not only solve the wastewater discharge and effective energy conservation, environmental protection, to implement a win-win move but everyone before buying will be consulting quantity problem, small make up for you today revealed how many tons of sewage wastewater treatment equipment can handle to know sewage treatment depends on the amount of the initial design sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment in the design of the regulation capacity is much, so its sewage treatment is how much if the user in the early use of sewage treatment equipment can achieve enterprise sewage treatment, in the later use, found sewage treatment reduce, then you check sewage treatment equipment. Is equipment appear quality problem, or need to change what parts in the http://www. guangzhoushui。 Com/CPZX wushuichuli/return sohu, see more a common pretreatment method, sewage treatment equipment as people consciousness of environmental protection sewage treatment equipment manufacturers, as an important infrastructure of city sewage treatment equipment, handling of urban river, is not only the city flood control, drainage, and drought resistance, are also important elements of the urban landscape and recreation of 1, integrated wastewater treatment equipment solves the river system, integration of mutual confluence problem 2, buried sewage treatment equipment can solve the problem of serious deterioration of water quality of untreated industrial and living sewage directly discharged into rivers by sewage treatment equipment, and often more than the existing river sewage capacity, sewage treatment equipment. Cause rivers turbid intensify propaganda and environmental protection, start from the individual, and strict supervision, rural villages and towns sewage treatment equipment is suitable for decentralized wastewater treatment because of villages and towns wastewater with displacement pediatric dispersion and water quality fluctuation is bigger, and compared with the cities, towns and villages in the social, economic and technical conditions such as differences in rural sewage treatment in unfavorable use a mature urban sewage process, and some of the so-called ecological process often can not meet the requirement of the process, or the lack of implementation of conditions, Such as land resources) And should use some process is simple and good treatment effect, covers an area of provincial, low energy consumption, simple operation and management, secondary pollution and less advanced town sewage treatment process, adopts the distributed method for processing the new combined compound biological filter reactor, a new compound biological filter reactor due to the modular structure of the special design and composite filter material, not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional biological filter is easy to jam, also greatly improve the processing efficiency and stability of the reactor, has a good processing effect, high treatment efficiency, simple structure, low construction cost, sewage treatment equipment. Province, low energy consumption, Only hydraulic promoted, no other energy consumption) , convenient operation management, low operation cost of various advantages, at the same time also have certain ability of denitrification and phosphorus removal reactor, and impact resistance load in addition, the development of integrating pretreatment, secondary processing and deep processing of middle and small town sewage treatment integration equipment, is a trend in the development of decentralized sewage treatment at home and abroad, in the villages and towns sewage treatment will have broad prospect of application integration equipment is mainly used in anaerobic - Rankings - aerobic wastewater treatment equipment The second pond combination process, both the function of the degradation of organic matter and nitrogen, the effluent BOD5 26 wastewater treatment, environmental protection of thermal equipment craft work atlas for air flotation principle: the air into the treated water, and precipitation in the form of tiny air bubbles as the carrier, so that the flocculation body adhesion on the carrier of bubble, and then float up to water sewage treatment equipment. Surface, bubble scum ( Gas, water, particle three phase mixture) Break away from the water for hydraulic circulating clarifier: in under the action of water ejector, will pool the active sludge inhalation and raw water mix, thus strengthening the contact between solid particles and water adsorption, form good flocculation, accelerate the sedimentation rate be clarified water for tower biological filter is using a kind of aerobic microorganisms sewage structures, biological membrane method and treatment of domestic sewage and a basic method of organic industrial wastewater, through the practice of recent years indicate that tower filter to deal with cyanide, phenol, cyanide, formaldehyde and other toxic water effect is better, to deal with the water can meet the requirements of circular air float float, called the super-efficient shallow gas pool is on the market at present the most advanced air floating machine, mainly is to use the theory of shallow pool and zero velocity principle, and the efficient use of international advanced micro oxidation technology and high density of ion air bubbles, changed the water's surface tension, large-scale promoted the dissolved oxygen in the water, a large number of hospital sewage treatment equipment with the water absorption of short-chain organic molecule and non-ferrous group, has obtained the biochemical and physical and chemical are difficult to degrade COD of technological breakthrough for digester usually refers to the sludge produced in wastewater treatment of anaerobic biological treatment
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