Sewage treatment equipment. Sewage treatment equipment life bring great convenience

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-14
Many netizens are consulting about sewage treatment equipment. Issue today, this small make up on the Internet to find the four article about sewage treatment equipment. The related information, please follow look small make up the original title: what are the precautions for daily use of sewage treatment equipment new users in the use of sewage treatment equipment, must be operated according to the operation process, to prevent improper sewage treatment equipment. Under the operation of sewage treatment equipment damage will come together to understand what are the precautions for daily use of sewage treatment equipment users in their daily use of sewage treatment equipment considerations, can largely avoid the sewage treatment equipment malfunction users in addition to the need to master the use of sewage treatment equipment considerations, to know more about how to maintenance and maintenance of sewage treatment equipment, water treatment equipment such information you can log in guangzhou company website to view the cultivation, breeding sewage treatment sewage treatment equipment of aquaculture sewage treatment equipment integrated wastewater treatment equipment pump cylinder body parts are made from the pump head, suction valve, discharge valve, the diaphragm and other components of the base of diaphragm pump together with the diaphragm integrated wastewater treatment equipment, through the role of the one-way valve vacuum pump cavity gradually formed, the suction valve open, suction liquid 3) Integration of sewage treatment for sewage treatment equipment. Spare pump flow control characteristics: pump flow control is to rely on turn adjusting handwheel, drive the adjustment screw rotation, so as to change the spacing between the tappet, change film finished pieces of sewage treatment equipment in the pump cavity mobile travel flow to determine the size of the two, the rural family household sewage treatment equipment of rural domestic sewage treatment equipment can effectively deal with sewage, to avoid direct sewage and pollutants into the waters, for improving the rural ecological environment, improve people's living standard has a great significance to the current application of treatment of rural domestic sewage disposal technology at home and abroad, the name is varied, but technically tong stone sewage treatment facilities often can be classified into two categories: * class is the natural treatment system of aerobic biological treatment system is commonly used in zui new rural sewage treatment of a kind of processing technology compared with the traditional secondary biological treatment technology, the efficient algae pond has many unique properties, for land resources are relatively abundant, but the technical level is relatively backward rural areas, is a kind of relatively high promotion value according to the situation of China's rural sewage treatment technology, quantity, small scale, agglomeration, terrain, the rural sewage treatment facilities for the construction of the distribution of the village, economic level, technical strength, the influence of many factors such as lifestyle, could not be disposed of in accordance with the fixed pattern of the unified village sewage, so small rural sewage treatment equipment to the sewage treatment equipment. Closed three important characteristics of the equipment operation, buried sewage treatment process, the original title: buried sewage treatment equipment characteristics and operating procedures, rounding buried sewage treatment equipment adopt international advanced biological treatment method, has the technology is stable and reliable performance, good treatment effect, the investment province, covers an area of less, convenient maintenance buried life sewage outpatient sewage treatment equipment water treatment equipment is through the biological membrane on wastewater treatment and purification, give full play to the anaerobic biological filter, the effect of contact oxidation bed, buried sewage treatment equipment operation is simple, pollution resistant capability is strong, stable operation, has a very broad application future and spreding value buried sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment equipment operation. Process installation personnel must first open the water valve, water valve, pump on equipment water promotion, will adjust pool sewage to the sewage treatment equipment of four, sewage treatment equipment life bring great convenience, its main processing method is to use biochemical treatment technology is relatively mature - Contact oxidation method, according to the general water quality parameters of water quality of life, bod 200 mg/l, the water effluent bod 20 mg/l index design, a total of six components: ( 1) At the beginning of pond ( 1) Early early pond: equipment pond for vertical flow sedimentation tank, sewage in the rising velocity of settling basin is 0. 6 - 0. 7 mm/SEC, settle the sludge with air to sludge pool ( 4) Pool disinfection and sterilization equipment, sterilization tank according to the specification: 'tji4 - 74 'standard for 30 minutes, and if the hospital sewage, disinfection can increase the residence time to 1 - the pool 1. 5 hours, using solid chlorine tablets dissolve contact ways of disinfection disinfection device can change the dosage according to the size of the water yield, achieve more water more drugs, less water less dosing purpose ( 6) The wind room, fan: buried sewage equipment room is located in the wind above the disinfection pool sewage treatment equipment. , import adopts double sound insulation, air inlet silencer, fan filter, so run noiseless 3, biochemical pool using the biological contact oxidation method, the packing is lower, the volume of the load itself in the microbial oxidation phase, less sludge production, only three months, 90 days) More than a mud exhaust ( With dung suction or dehydrated into mud cake sinotrans)
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