Sewage treatment equipment standard sewage pump pool field equipment location layout and general layout requirements

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-29
Many netizens are consulting about the problem of sewage treatment equipment standard today small make up this site on the Internet to find four article about standard of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up secondary treatment process: basic hospital sewage to septic tank, set the pool - biochemical aeration tank - settling basin to touch the disinfection, discharged into municipal sewage discharge of the water quality of design parameters can be designed according to the general sewage water quality, sewage treatment system generally contain pond, contact oxidation pool, at the beginning of the second pond, pool disinfection, sterilization device, sludge pond, the wind room, etc. , can be built in the ground, can also be used for disinfection of hospital sewage treatment of deep underground septic tank than for general sewage treatment of septic tank volume 2 ~ 3 times larger hospital sewage disposal should be in accordance with the effective volume calculated on day 30 to 40% of the water treatment pool as a continuous operation need 4 set set. Biochemical aeration tank: in addition to the set standard for pre aeration pool water sewage treatment equipment, outside the biochemical aeration tank design, use of microbial life activities of the process of organic matter into simple inorganic forms of sewage is the most important way of hospital sewage treatment, the integration of sewage treatment equipment process parameters in recent days, the ecological environment officially issued by the 'integration of rural sewage buried sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment facilities of water pollutant emission control codes work instructions ( Trial) 》( Hereinafter referred to as the 'work instructions') , rural domestic sewage treatment facilities wastewater discharge standard formulating technical route and the format requirements, pollutant emission control general requirements, implementation and supervision and monitoring requirements and local emission standards manual this paper expounds in detail the content and format requirements such as though all regional departments in promoting the rural domestic sewage discharge standard system revision work up and down a lot of effort, but from the overall, the local rural sewage discharge standard scope is not clear, there are still problems such as unreasonable control index selection and emissions limits sewage after sewage treatment facilities, there will be different, depending on the whereabouts, the state has issued a corresponding specification or standard through the analysis of the national rural sewage testing and screening, the work will guide to pH value, chemical oxygen demand ( CODCr) And suspended solids ( SS) As the basic indexes of water quality of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities of water pollutants directly to the surface waters, emission limit value respectively carry out the special emission limits, primary standards, secondary standards, sewage pump pool position field equipment standard layout and general layout requirements 1, each processing unit structure layout of sewage treatment equipment blower structure is the body of the sewage treatment plant building, doing layout should be based on the function of the various structures and hydraulic requirements, combined with the topographic and geological conditions, determine the plane position of them in the factory, 3) Between processing structures, should maintain a certain distance, to meet the requirements of connecting pipe laying drainage, and the distance is like a value of 5 ~ 10 m, some structures which have special requirements, such as sludge digestion tank, gas storage tank, the spacing shall be determined in accordance with relevant provisions, 4) The processing structure of sewage treatment equipment standards on the plane layout, consideration should be given to the compact ( 5) Sludge treatment structures should be considered as a separate arrangement, in order to convenient management, should be decorated in the factory under the dominant wind direction of the wind in summer in addition, still should have to make the handle tube, drainage structures which can run independently, when a particular structures due to stop working, followed by treatment structures are still able to maintain normal running three small sewage treatment equipment, health clinic use standard medical sewage treatment equipment by adopting the method of physical or chemical treatment of wastewater, According to the sewage treatment equipment manufacturers user requirements) Don't need to add drugs, also won't have the phenomenon of excess chlorine emission, do not produce subsequent investment costs built-in automatic sewage lift system equipment, equipment operation, the treatment of sewage produced after entering the self-priming lifter, by its wastewater by a lower into the disinfection reactor ( Yellow PE material) ( 5) Equipment using ozone disinfection methods, without using chemicals, low operating cost, no security risks
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