Sewage treatment equipment supply of sewage treatment equipment of rural sewage treatment effect

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-13
Many netizens are consulting about sewage treatment equipment supplies to the site today small make up on the Internet to find the second article on the supply of sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up and this led to an embarrassing situation, that no one wants to use wastewater recycled water, therefore, in order to make the sewage of reclaimed water use more reasonable, relevant departments is necessary to control the development of the produced water in order to change this situation, the national government should increase funding for sewage treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse support work, communication and consultation with a variety of water industry, promote the use of recycled water, develop a more reasonable water price system intensify research and development of science and technology, the optimization of sewage recycling the progress of the society is inseparable from the development of science and technology, the optimization of sewage treatment equipment of sewage reuse in hebei province at the same time, relevant departments should strengthen scientific research and exploitation of the sewage treatment equipment supply, constantly develop new technology, sewage treatment equipment of rural sewage treatment effect of rural and city life, rural farmers live concentration less than cities, strength is lower than the city sewage, village township financial thin, the low income of the peasants, should be encouraged to adopt economic, simple and effective, as far as possible, and the local agricultural raw sewage treatment equipment supply diversification of hospital sewage treatment equipment combining http://www sewage treatment technology. guangzhoushui。 Com/CPZX/wushuichuli /, sewage disposal and resource recovery utilization of commonly used the principle of A/O technology is that microbes in the anoxic pool of sewage reduction of nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen into gaseous nitrogen escape, at the same time will be difficult to degrade macromolecular organic matter is decomposed into small molecule easily degradable material, has the role of denitrification, hydrolysis and degradation of organic matter in A/O process denitration and degradation of organic matter, reduce oxygen demand greatly, is energy-efficient biological treatment technology which works in class A, due to high concentrations of organic sewage anoxic condition, in the microbial organisms as facultative microorganisms, so A level pool not only have A certain amount of organic matter removal function, reduce the organic load of subsequent aerobic pool, organic matter concentration is reduced, but there is still A certain amount of organic matter and high NH3 - N exist in order to make a further oxidative decomposition of organic matter, while under the effect of carbonization nitrification can proceed smoothly, in O level setting low organic loading of aerobic biological contact oxidation pool, sewage treatment equipment to solve problems in life a lot of people to the sewage treatment equipment is not xinjiang sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment supply think it is the sewage of this article will guide you understand the purpose of the sewage treatment equipment these collection general from urban sewage pipe canal and should be by the urban sewage treatment plant to process the back into the water, and sewage treatment plant is relying on the sewage treatment equipment for treatment of urban sewage so, sewage treatment equipment is in order to improve the living environment of the urban and rural residents and return to sohu, see more
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