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by:Jinwantong     2020-12-11
Many netizens are consulting about sewage treatment equipment what are the problems of today's small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about what are the relevant materials, sewage treatment equipment with small make up, please come and see the original title: what are the technology of phosphorus removal from wastewater treatment equipment technology of phosphorus removal from wastewater treatment equipment what A2 / O process is in the A/O process on the basis of added A anoxic stage, the mixture in the aerobic zone backflow to the anoxic zone of denitrifying denitrification, so that the combination of dephosphorization and denitrification in the process of the biological and chemical phosphorus removal method together, will be part of the return sludge ( About 10% ~ 20%) of water flow Shunt what to YanYangChi and phosphorus wastewater treatment equipment, sludge usually stay in YanYangChi 8 ~ 12 h, the phosphorus accumulating in YanYangChi phosphorus release, dephosphorization return sludge in the aeration tank after all continue to absorb phosphorus biological phosphorus removal system has the following features: guarantee the anaerobic zone really in anaerobic condition, there is neither free of dissolved oxygen, nitrate, etc combining with the state does not exist in the oxygen, such as by changing the return sludge bean products wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer type and path to avoid nitrate into the anaerobic zone, and prevent the denitrification, anaerobic area of anaerobic phosphorus release phosphorus accumulating a competitive inhibition, spray paint wastewater treatment equipment function while many users in the use of spray paint wastewater treatment equipment, but do not understand its role, guangzhou mondeo wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer small make up today to simply say as the paint slag in the waste water with strong stickiness, if use the traditional sewage treatment industry wastewater treatment equipment offer art, the processing parts of equipment is easy to paint slag bonding, lead to a lot of conventional water treatment facilities for spray paint waste water is discarded, often a few months into a pile of scrap iron guangzhou mundie sewage treatment equipment what European manufacturer production, research and development of spray paint wastewater treatment equipment, without adding any potions, to effectively remove water-based paint waste water spray paint waste water really scientific and effective treatment method is through a specific device and the corresponding water treatment chemicals in the waste water pollutants, control of water quality ( Including perspective, turbidity, impurity content, odor, COD, etc. ) Within a certain range, reaches a certain balance, is suitable for the back to traditional Chinese medicine wastewater treatment equipment absorbing paint mist, need not change water, thereby achieve zero emissions fully consider the basic requirement of comprehensive and epidemic of qualified wastewater discharge, at the same time, strengthen risk control, from technology and engineering construction and improvement of the supervision and management ability to cope with unexpected things
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