Sewage treatment plant jingmen town sewage treatment equipment officially put into use

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-10
Many netizens are consulting about the problem of sewage treatment equipment factory today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces the sewage treatment plant of the related information, please follow small make up and see it in recent days, the right to the tripod with two handles small make up the learned that, since the jingmen town sewage treatment equipment in use, therefore, shop east area bao zi ling town sewage treatment plant in rolling thunder, urban sewage by processing has become mine wastewater treatment equipment a wang water sewage treatment factory 'of the sewage treatment plant is in December last year began trial operation, the shop can completely satisfy the ling son town sewage and industrial wastewater treatment demand in the past, zi ling town shop no sewage treatment facilities, living sewage and industrial waste water straight into the eight river flows through the town of child according to the design, the sewage treatment plant can handle child ling town 1. And more than 100 enterprises, 50000 sewage effluent discharges of industrial wastewater with sewage treatment plant commissioning, the color of the eight river river also quietly changed, hospital sewage treatment facilities in order to make a further oxidative decomposition of organic matter, at the same time under the condition of carbonation in complete nitrification can proceed smoothly, in O level setting low organic loading of aerobic biological contact oxidation pool integration AO biological treatment process of wastewater treatment equipment adopt push biological contact oxidation pool, its better than completely mixed or secondary and tertiary series full hybrid biological contact oxidation pool at the same time in the biological sewage treatment factory contact oxidation pool used the new elastic solid filler, it has a real big surface area, the microbial membrane, membrane is convenient, in the same condition, organic load than other fillers on organic matter removal of aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment price rate is high, can increase the oxygen in the air in the water solubility in AO integration of biological treatment technology adopted in the biological wastewater treatment equipment supply contact oxidation pool, its packing is lower, the volume of the load itself in the microbial oxidation stage, therefore less sludge production O level biological pool: O biological pool level to promote the type of biological contact oxidation, sewage for 5 - stay in the pool for a time 6 hours, packing for elastic three-dimensional packing, packing specific surface area of 200 m2 / m3
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