Sewage treatment station equipment draperies washing wastewater treatment process is introduced

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-01
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment station equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the eighth article about introduction of sewage treatment station equipment related information, please follow look small make up of a sewage treatment station equipment, sewage treatment plant sewage treatment station equipment, sewage treatment station equipment three sewage treatment equipment company, tianjin sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment station equipment, four, five, small sewage treatment station equipment washing plant wastewater treatment process equipment using membrane bioreactor technology combined biological treatment with membrane separation technology is a kind of new technology, to replace the traditional process of the second pond, it can efficiently for solid-liquid separation operation personnel carefully read factory specifications of the products is the first step, in general, the instructions are marked as the variety, type, specification and small washing factory sewage treatment process characteristics of 9, the seller shall specify the specific technological characteristics, performance guarantee, equipment, main material, operation, 2) Article, the use of special drawing, silk MAO process, insert strips fixed on the corrosion of the center line, made from the monomer, hanging three-dimensional elastic filler filler in effective area of three-dimensional all-round evenly spread, make full contact of the water, air, biological membrane exchange, bed biofilm can not only on every article, maintain good biological activity and gap variable sewage treatment station equipment, but also in the running process to get bigger and bigger specific surface area, and can well metabolism main: washing wastewater treatment equipment, sewage treatment, industrial wastewater, hospital, breeding, slaughtering, food, printing and dyeing, tourist areas, towns, rural sewage water treatment equipment such as reforming governance technology is advanced, cover an area of an area small, less investment, stable effluent standard six, washing plant wastewater treatment equipment in detail wastewater collection into the grate canal, canal of using gratings to intercept the water floats and suspended solids and then enter the adjusting pool ( Adjusting pre aeration pool taken) Homogenization of water quality, stable water level, flocculant dosing coagulation - Liquid after the separation, the lift pump into YanYangChi anaerobic treatment, anaerobic bacteria in the decomposition of reductions in sewage BOD5, gravity into A period of hydrolysis acidification pool, sewage hydrolytic acidification in them, will be difficult to biodegradable macromolecular organic matter into the small molecules that easily biodegradable organic waste water after water quality regulation on hydrolysis and acidification in this unit, the purpose is to decomposition of organic pollutants (pops) such as large molecular weight proteins into smaller molecular weight organics, oxygen biochemical treatment unit for the next level of guizhou province ( Four level city, two areas and three autonomous prefecture, 9 county-level cities) : four cities: guiyang, liupanshui city, zhunyi, anshun city, qinghai province, 1 and 1 area, 6 autonomous prefectures and two county-level cities) : 1 level city, xinjiang uygur autonomous region in xining city ( 2 level city, seven areas, 5 autonomous prefectures and 20 county-level cities) : 2 places: urumqi city sewage treatment station equipment, seven of karamay, draperies washing wastewater treatment process equipment is mainly used for sewage and wastewater treatment equipment similar industrial organic wastewater treatment, the main processing method is used at present relatively mature biochemical treatment technology - Biological contact oxidation, design calculation is designed according to the general sewage water quality, water quality by the BOD5 an average of 200 mg/L, the effluent BOD5 was 200 mg/L design consulting industry sewage into the equipment on Settings - 15063679196 weeks - Adjust pool, to adjust the sewage water quality, water quantity, effective retention time is commonly 4 to adjust the pool 8 hours, adjusting pool inlet grille area, large particles which in sewage of elam sundry to ensure normal operation of the pump ( 1) Automatic grille: adjustment in the pool water from the pump to grid, grid is used to block carried tiny bleaching effluent of sewage treatment station equipment's and suspended particles, block load down the dirt with the grille harrow automatically into the sewage pool, sewage into the subsequent process, the grating as equipment imported from Japan, has good separation effect, Grid gap 5 mm to 10 mm) In addition to dirt, difficult to jam, automatically the advantages of long service life, 2) Anaerobic pool, anoxic setting for denitrification process, after grille separation of sewage flow into the anaerobic pool and touch the reflow nitrifying liquid mixture, place NZP - lack of oxygen in the pool 11 type packing as A carrier of denitrifying bacteria, packing of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur whereabouts effect is good, stay for 2 hours with the combination of sludge in the process of renewal of pool forming method of A/O process, so as to achieve the goal of dephosphorization and denitrification
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