Shandong sewage treatment equipment of sewage treatment costs high sewage disposal equipment must invest the money

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-26
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment facilities in shandong today small make up this site on the Internet to find five article about introduction shandong sewage treatment equipment related information, please come look small make up such as equipment working efficiency, the characteristics of wastewater, sewage is used water collectively, different industry wastewater pollutants in composition is not the same, countries according to different properties of different wastewater discharge standard, to deal with to meet the requirements of the wastewater discharge standard before discharge, it is often said that the problem a: meet the requirement of discharging standard of our factory is the CASS process, when the aeration foam on the die is stained with mud were black, dissolved oxygen increases rapidly, muddy water, excuse me what reason be problem 2: the products of our company are in the process with reactive dyes for hydrolysis - 70% Contact oxidation ( HRT10h) , coagulation - Precipitation ( HRT4h) , oxidation pond, water On the static settling after) , COD is 150 mg/L, chromaticity, 200, used a variety of drugs ( Shandong aluminium sulfate wastewater treatment equipment and decoloring agent, ferrous sulfate and lime) ,因改造工程,混凝加药停留4h后出水,极易反色,但是成本太高或者不能使COD色度同时达标问题四:处理站运行正常,刚开始出水不好,呈棕黄色,但是厌氧出水很好,经过氧化沟就出水不好,在氧化沟初沉池出水还带泥,水还是呈棕黄,不知道怎么办,曝气时,液面泡沫带少许绿色,现在就是想去除出水的色度问题五:我处理的是印染废水工艺调节池+初沉+水解接触+二沉+沙滤,正常出水一般黄色或有点粉红色,有时候出现蓝绿,请问是什么原因导致有时候出现蓝绿色一、一套小型污水处理设备需要钱原标题:一套小山东污水处理设备型的污水处理设备需要多少钱都开始购买污水处理设备,但是又不知道多少钱下面就跟着小编一起去了解一下购买一套小型的污水处理设备要多少钱吧一般情况下污水处理处理设备不同的型号价格从几万到几十万的价格都有,在污水处理钱需要对污水水质进行分析了解,水污染的难度以及处理量的大小也将会影响设备的价格生活污水处理设备的价格通常在几万到十几万之间,材料常用的三种:碳钢、玻璃钢、不锈钢、这三种材料价格也是屠宰污水处理设备不同的二、医疗机构污水处理设备锂电池在生产制造过程中会产生一定的废水,主要来源为生产过程产生的生产废水及地面、设备冲洗水,其主要成份有钴酸锂、NMP( Methyl pyrrolidone) , carbon powder and the sewage treatment equipment. Have small molecular organic substances such as esters at present this kind of wastewater treatment mainly adopting the research method of physical shandong sewage treatment equipment, chemical oxidation decomposition, why, activated carbon adsorption and reverse osmosis treatment technology for wastewater treatment in accordance with the lithium-ion batteries, times environmental protection has developed a set of stable processing system, the use of multiple effect evaporator, MVR evaporators for lithium electricity industry waste water processing, high degree of automation equipment, cost savings of shock load capability, stable discharging water, less sludge production and easy to handle return sohu, see more three, jiangsu lithium batteries according to the requirement of hospital sewage treatment, sewage treatment equipment mainly has the following several aspects: abide by the relevant national and local environmental laws and regulations and technical policy, USES the mature process technology and equipment, give full play to its advantages, meet the design requirements, ensure the stable operation, carry out the principle of energy conservation in the design, minimizing wastewater treatment costs and shandong sewage treatment equipment operation cost, realize the recycling use, to achieve maximum economic benefits gas floating integrated wastewater treatment equipment, fully considering the engineering operation, management, maintenance convenience, reduce the labor intensity. 2. Hospital sewage primary treatment and chlorination of typical technological process is: through the waste water from ward and other contain bacteria pipes to sewage treatment station, for fecal sewage should be precipitation digestion treatment by septic tanks, and then into the sewage treatment station 2. Septic tank of sewage flow adjustment after the suspended solid of grille processing large pool, in regulating pool water quantity and water quality, at the same time also on anaerobic hydrolysis, will be part of the macromolecular organic matter degradation of small molecule organic acids of 3. After hydrolysis of water flow into the biological treatment, biological contact oxidation pool after biological treatment of the water into the tank, settling tank of water through the pump to ascend into contact disinfection pool, disinfectants and linkage to synchronize dosing pump at the same time, the final effluent discharging standard 4. Using 'adjusting the pool - Biochemical treatment - Tank - - Chlorine dioxide disinfection 'as the main treatment process
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