Sichuan household sewage treatment equipment of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-24
Many netizens in consulting about sewage treatment facilities in sichuan today small make up this site on the Internet found three articles about sichuan about the sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up after the diversion can manage the sewage aeration biological filter, under the condition of without depth treatment facilities and equipment, to achieve water reuse, water quality sex so processing simplified diversion aeration biological filter using the filter material cutting, blocking, finely bubbles, strengthen the gas and liquid mass transfer effect, increase the microbial and air contact area and time, greatly improve the oxygen transfer rate, reduce the power consumption power, so the running cost economy diversion aeration biological filter adopts PLC program control operation, namely through liquid level sensor and equipment chain, achieve wastewater automatic startup, sichuan no sewage wastewater treatment equipment automatic stop diversion aeration biological filter is a kind of typical high load, submerged, immobilized biological bed of three-phase diversion, denitrification and phosphorus removal reactor, on the premise of not to invest, sewage treatment equipment manufacturer to make the treated wastewater is superior to the emission standards, achieve water reuse water quality, so the technical prospective diversion aeration biological filter sewage in the same tank, solve other sewage treatment pool need four to complete the process of a hotel, hotel catering equipment technology of wastewater treatment wastewater treatment at present in food and beverage wastewater biochemical methods mainly have the UASB ( Upflow anaerobic sludge bed) 与卫生行动框架有关,( The efficient compound anaerobic reactor) Anaerobic treatment and SBR ( Continue batch activated sludge process) Aerobic treatment such as food and beverage wastewater by sichuan wastewater treatment equipment in the particularity of the water quality, food and beverage wastewater treatment method is generally divided into preprocessing and deal with two phases, in practice often use a variety of technical combination, main target is around to remove food and beverage wastewater treatment of COD, suspended solids and animal and plant oils in catering wastewater with intermittent and water quality, water quantity larger fluctuations of life sewage treatment equipment manufacturers, such as Yu Jinlian by SBR process, through indoor simulation experiment, inspected the sludge concentration and load, aeration time to deal with the relationship between the effect, and the influence factors, such as to determine its better operation cycle conditions the advanced oxidation technologies for restaurant wastewater by oxidation, the better reaction conditions were determined, and this method can effectively reduce the pollutants such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, can be used as the pretreatment of the subsequent biological treatment Carrousel oxidation ditch in catering wastewater treatment sludge concentration operation mode, low running effect is good, the discharge sewage effluent water quality can reach the comprehensive level of standards and urban road cleaning with water, fire water quality standards, low running cost is zero. 6 yuan/m3, the rural family household sewage treatment equipment of rural domestic sewage treatment equipment can effectively deal with sewage, to avoid direct sewage and pollutants into the waters, to improve the rural ecological environment, improve people's living standards have great significance to the current application of treatment of rural domestic sewage disposal technology at home and abroad, the name is varied, but technically usually can be classified into two categories: * class is the natural treatment system of aerobic biological treatment system is commonly used in zui new rural sewage treatment of the sewage treatment equipment of a sichuan technology compared with the traditional secondary biological treatment technology, the efficient algae pond has many unique properties, for land resources are relatively abundant, but the technical level is relatively backward rural areas, is a kind of relatively high promotion value according to the situation of China's rural sewage treatment technology, quantity, small scale, agglomeration, terrain, the rural sewage treatment facilities for the construction of the distribution of the village, economic level, technical strength, the influence of many factors such as lifestyle, could not be disposed of in accordance with the fixed mode of the unity of the village sewage, so small integrated wastewater treatment equipment in hainan rural sewage treatment equipment is critical to three, sewage wastewater treatment equipment in the domestic wastewater, food processing and paper and other industrial waste water, contain carbohydrates, protein, oil, lignin and other organic substances. These substances to suspended or dissolved state exists in sewage, can be decomposed by microbial biochemical effect. Need to consume oxygen in the process of its decomposition, and thus is called oxygen contamination. These pollutants can cause the water dissolved oxygen decrease, affect the growth of fish and other aquatic organisms. After the water dissolved oxygen depletion, anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, produce the bad smell, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and mercaptan worsen water quality further. Composition of organic matter in water is very complex, oxygen concentration of organic matter per unit volume of water is commonly used oxygen consumption substances in the process of decomposition of biochemical oxygen, said that by biochemical oxygen demand ( 生化需氧量) Said. General use 20 ℃, biochemical oxygen demand (five days BOD5) Said. Sources of plant nutrients is wide, quantity is big, sewage ( Organic matter, detergent) , agriculture ( Chemical fertilizer, farm manure) , industrial waste water, waste, etc. About 50 g per person per day into nitrogen in wastewater
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