Slaughter integrated wastewater treatment equipment slaughter wastewater treatment process weifang sailing environmental protection sewage treatment equipment technology

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-02
很多网友在咨询关于屠宰一体化污水处理设备的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了三篇关于介绍屠宰一体化污水处理设备的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧原标题:屠宰厂使用污水处理设备时需注意哪些用电问题随着污水量逐渐增加,污水处理设备得到广泛的应用,尤其是用电方面,任何设备在未确认有电之前,都不应该随便接触电气设备,下面为大家介绍一下屠宰污水处理设备安全用电需要注意的问题5、当有数人进行设备保养时,在接通电源前通知他们6、在带电设备周围禁止使用钢皮尺或钢卷尺进行测量屠宰一体化污水处理设备工作以上内容是屠宰污水处理设备的安全用电,希望能对您有帮助,您的满意是我们永远的追求一、屠宰场杀猪污水处理设备屠宰车间及存栏清洗等各部分废水,自流进入格栅井,由格栅捞取猪毛、蹄壳等大颗粒物质及碎肉后,由泵进入微滤机,该微滤机为圆筒形滚筒式,最小通过率为100目左右,能有效的将污水中的猪肠胃容物及粪便中的稻壳、未消化的饲料颗粒等完全截留,减轻后续工艺的处理压力出水直接进入生化调节池,此处的生化调节池是由原来的初沉池改建而成,初沉池有效容积96m³,按工艺要求略小,但为了废旧利用节省投资,将气浮机处理量缩小后有效的避免了生化调节池过小的弊端,废水在生化调节池均量后,由泵定量进入ABR系统二级A/O生化系统处理后的废水经二沉池沉淀后自流进屠宰一体化污水处理设备入新建的MBR膜生物处理环节所以在该系统的后端增加MBR膜生化处理池( Food processing wastewater car pick plastic particles wastewater treatment equipment in the MBR system must offline cleaning 2, slaughtering meat processing wastewater treatment equipment complete technology solution (1) pressurized biological contact oxidation - Combination coagulation sedimentation process, this process is suitable for concentration in slaughter wastewater treatment, the test results show that the bioreactor averaged 300 kpa pressure, feed water rho ( CODcr) About 1100 - 1700mg/L,ρ( BOD5) About 600 - 900 mg/L integration of sewage treatment equipment manufacturer, BOD5 load volume ( In BOD5) An average of 7. 6k/g( m3·d) , water first after pressurized biological contact oxidation process, improve the degradation rate of dissolved oxygen and organic matter in waste water, after coagulation precipitation can achieve the secondary emission standard of existing enterprise [ 2] (2) the second section of the upflow anaerobic sludge bed ( UASB) Method and dissolved air flotation - ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge bed ( DAF - UASB) Method is the improvement on single method of UASB process, suitable processing contains high concentration of suspended solid slaughter wastewater in the water, fat particles and oil rho ( CODcr) For 1500 - 400 slaughter integrated wastewater treatment equipment under the condition of 0 mg/L, CODcr removal rate can reach more than 95%, the method USES the AB two combination process, A period of high load, the sludge flocs has strong adsorption ability and good settling performance, resistance to impact load capacity is very strong, the toxic effects of great cushioning, but higher quantity of sludge, sludge treatment measures should be taken to, B in the period of the second pond water A few difficult settling off further remove biofilm by air floatation processing, in order to improve the effluent water quality of the process taking advantages of CAF and SBR, CAF air floating system large elasticity of operation, shock load capability is strong, the water stability, for small pollutant concentration of raw water, only using CAF system can satisfy the requirement of the water quality emissions, can run in A certain period of time the SBR tower, the save operation maintenance cost, adopting the technology of wastewater treatment CODcr removal rate up to 80% ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge filter is 90% which will ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge bed ( UASB) And anaerobic filter ( AF) Combination of the reactor, adapted to the intermittent slaughter waste water, the water volume load, With CODcr) To zero. 114 - 0.346kg/( m3·d) Three, slaughter wastewater treatment process weifang sailing environmental protection sewage treatment equipment technical gas pool, UASB YanYangChi, contact oxidation pond sludge into the mud storage pool, concentrated in the sludge dewatering workshop with belt type enrichment of pressure filtration dehydration dehydration machine, dry sludge sinotrans disposal regularly, storage pool cleaning fluid and mud filtrate pressure backflow to the reprocessing plant sewage system UASB reactor using reinforced concrete structure, through the water distribution, reaction and phase separation process, make a good contact with the water of organic matter with granular sludge, produce intense reaction, thus removing COD, BOD5 and at the same time enhance the wastewater can be used biochemical sexual contact oxidation pond near the city sewage treatment plant of aerobic sludge dewatering, adding the activated sludge 14 t
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