Slaughter integrated wastewater treatment equipment the abattoir electricity problems should pay attention to when using sewage treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-03
Slaughtered in consulting about A lot of netizens integrated wastewater treatment equipment problems today, this small make up on the Internet to find the second article about introduce slaughtering integrated wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up clean slaughtering workshop and the amount of each parts such as wastewater, artesian well into the grille, slaughtered by the grid to make integrated wastewater treatment equipment pig hair, hoof, shell and other large particulate matter and ground meat, by the pump into the micro filter, the microfiltration machine for the cylindrical drum, A minimum passing rate is about 100 mesh, the effective sewage in pig intestines and stomach will concern and feces of rice husk completely, undigested food particles, intercept, reduce the pressure of the processing of subsequent process water directly into the biochemical regulation pool, the biochemical regulation pool here is converted from, from the early pond, pond, at the beginning of 96 m after effective volume, according to the technological requirements slightly smaller, but in order to use waste to save investment, will air flotation machine processing electroplating wastewater treatment equipment quantity reduced effectively avoid the disadvantages of the biochemical regulating pool is too small, the average of wastewater in the biochemical regulation pool, by quantitative pump into the ABR system level 2 A/O biological treatment of wastewater by the second pond, the precipitation after their entry into new MBR membrane biological treatment so in the back-end of the system increases the MBR membrane biochemical processing pool ( Food processing wastewater using MBR system in the car must be offline cleaning a slaughterhouses when using the sewage treatment equipment, electricity problems should pay attention to the original title: the abattoir must be noticed when using sewage treatment equipment which use electricity problem gradually increased as the amount of sewage and wastewater treatment equipment widely used, especially electricity, any equipment before unrecognized electricity, should not be casually contact electrical equipment, the following as an introduction to slaughter wastewater treatment equipment safety electricity problems need attention 5, when several people for equipment maintenance, inform them before plug-in power 6, around the quotation electric equipment with integration of sewage treatment equipment is prohibited to use steel tape or steel tape measure work integration of the above content is slaughtering slaughtering sewage wastewater treatment equipment manage the safety of the electricity, hope to be able to help you, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, slaughter wastewater treatment process weifang sailing environmental protection sewage treatment equipment technology (1) pressurized biological contact oxidation - Combination coagulation sedimentation process, this process is suitable for slaughter integrated wastewater treatment equipment concentration in slaughter wastewater treatment, the test results show that the bioreactor averaged 300 kpa pressure, feed water rho ( CODcr) About 1100 - 1700mg/L,ρ( BOD5) About 600 - (900 mg/L, BOD5 volume load In BOD5) An average of 7. 6k/g( m3·d) , water first after pressurized biological contact oxidation process, improve the degradation rate of dissolved oxygen and organic matter in waste water, after coagulation precipitation can achieve the secondary emission standard of existing enterprise [ 2] (2) the second period of high-speed upflow wastewater treatment equipment book anaerobic sludge bed ( UASB) Method and dissolved air flotation - ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge bed ( DAF - UASB) Method is the improvement on single method of UASB process, suitable processing contains high concentration of suspended solid slaughter wastewater in the water, fat particles and oil rho ( CODcr) For 1500 - Under the condition of 4000 mg/L, CODcr removal rate can reach more than 95%, the method USES the AB two combination process, A period of high load, the sludge flocs has strong adsorption ability and good settling performance, resistance to impact load capacity is very strong, the impact on the toxic substances with A lot of cushion, but higher quantity of sludge, sludge treatment measures should be taken to, B in the period of the second pond water A few difficult settling off further remove biofilm by air flotation processing, in order to improve the effluent is the process of taking advantages of CAF and SBR, CAF air floating system large elasticity of operation, strong ability to resist impact load, water stability, for small pollutant concentration of raw water, only using CAF system can satisfy the requirement of the water quality emissions, can run in A certain period of time the SBR tower, the save operation maintenance cost, adopting the technology of wastewater treatment CODcr removal rate up to 80% ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge filter is 90% which will ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge bed ( UASB) And anaerobic filter ( AF) Combination of the reactor, adapted to the intermittent slaughter waste water, the water volume load, With CODcr) To zero. 114 - 0.346kg/( m3·d)
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