Slaughter integrated wastewater treatment equipment to kill cattle factory, and killing sheep factory processing abattoir wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-02
Slaughtered in consulting about a lot of netizens integrated wastewater treatment equipment problems today, this small make up on the Internet to find the second article about introduce slaughtering integrated wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow internal can look small make up hydrolysis acidification pool without aeration device, control residence time and hydrolysis and acidification stages, not produce gas in anaerobic phase, the first two stages of the COD removal rate is not high, because he is just the purpose of large molecules into small molecule organic compound, general removal rate at about 20%, gas phase of the COD removal rate, generally around 40%, but this is to produce hydrogen sulfide gas deodorization treatment, and achieve the gas phase residence time longer than the first two phase, which is to appear the anaerobic state to set up the lack of oxygen in the pool aeration device, control of dissolved oxygen in 0. 3 - 0. 8 mg/l, the use of microorganisms and biological membrane and oxygen to degradation of organic compounds in wastewater, the contact oxidation pool aerator slaughter integrated wastewater treatment equipment selection carefully, both to ensure the oxygen supply, and make sure to fall off of biofilm, update this process adopts the luoyang buried sewage treatment equipment RCYTH buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment, this equipment is mainly for domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment, the main processing methods used at present relatively mature biochemical treatment technology contact oxidation method, a total of six parts: the sewage after O level biochemical pond treatment, the water contains a lot of suspended solids ( Biological membrane loss) ,为了使出水SS达到排放标准,采用竖流式沉淀池来进行固液分离沉淀池污泥采采用气提设备提至污泥池,同时可根据实际水质情况将污泥部分提至A級生化池进行污泥回流,增加O级生化池中的污泥浓度,提高去除效率一、山东屠宰场污水处理设备供应常用屠宰污水处理工艺流程由做了防腐的碳钢制造而成,一般埋于地下,不影响土地使用,分为水解酸化池、一级接触氧化池、二级接触氧化酸洗磷化污水处理设备池、沉淀池组成,污水在水解酸化池进行酸化处理,通过水解并在产酸菌的作用下,将废水中的大分子难降解的有机物分解成小分子有机物、去除部分COD及可溶性的有机酸,并调节废水水质、水量,确保后续处理负荷稳定东阿屠宰污水处理设备为保证好氧处理效果,在系统内设置膜片曝气器及弹性立体填料,设备通过曝气将氨氮等成分转换成氮气、氨气,设备添加弹性填料提高好氧效果及增大生物膜的面积,增大曝气池内的生物量,提高有机物去除率,具有处理效果稳定、容积负荷高、污泥产率低、剩余污泥含水率低等特点东阿屠宰污水处理设备经好氧处理后的泥水混合物进入二次沉淀池,泥水混合物在此实现泥水分离,沉淀污泥回流至水解酸化池屠宰一体化污水处理设备,进行反硝化反应,去除污水中的氨氮东阿屠宰污水处理设备经过生化处理后的水最后经过高效生物滤池进一步处理,曝气生物滤主要用于水质的一个达标提升的一个功效,采用新型轻质悬浮填料,具有比表面积大,附着效果好等优点整个屠宰污水处理设备处理系统配有PLC全自动电气控制系统和设备故障报警系统,运行安全可靠,平时一般不需要专人管理,只需适时地对设备进行维护和保养,管理费用小二、生猪屠宰场肉制品加工污水处理设备生产废水集中在短时间内排放,水量波动大,主要来自于蒸煮废水及冲洗废水,它具有水量大、排水不均匀、浓度高、杂质和悬浮物多、可生化性好等特点,在工艺设计中应充分考虑NH3- N the effects on the wastewater treatment (3) suspended solids content is higher in waste water and suspended solids content of SS is 250 mg/L, in addition to the inorganic impurity particles, also contains a lot of slaughtering integrated wastewater treatment equipment illiquid organic compounds such as lipids and proteins, they make up about 40% of CODCr - 50%, according to the water scenery integrated wastewater treatment equipment quality, it can be seen that the wastewater can be better biological sex, water quality, turbidity, perishable easy rotten, form scum, must undergo pretreatment before biological treatment according to the characteristics of wastewater quality and emission standards after the comprehensive analysis and comparison, this scheme process USES oil separation precipitation preprocessing biochemical treatment process because of the waste water containing a certain amount of insoluble organic matter are difficult to be removed ( Such as oil) , macromolecular organic pollutants ( Such as proteins) And long chain organic pollutants ( Such as fiber) Before, therefore, must be conducted in the aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment is chosen as the good at the same time, due to the high concentration of ammonia nitrogen in wastewater, simple aerobic treatment cannot achieve the effect of biological nitrogen removal, so only with aerobic treatment of long-term water emissions will lead to the eutrophication of receiving waters, using anaerobic - — Aerobic process of denitrification effect
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