Slaughter wastewater treatment equipment prices slaughtering meat processing wastewater treatment equipment complete technical solutions

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-30
Many netizens in consulting about slaughter wastewater treatment equipment prices today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces slaughter wastewater treatment equipment price related information, please follow internal can look small make up hydrolysis acidification pool without aeration device, control residence time and hydrolysis and acidification stages, not produce gas in anaerobic phase, the first two stages of the COD removal rate is not high, because his purpose is of large molecules into small molecule organic compound, general removal rate at about 20%, gas phase rate of COD removal of slaughter wastewater treatment equipment price is in commonly 40%, but this is to produce hydrogen sulfide gas deodorization treatment, and achieve the gas phase residence time longer than the first two phase, which is to appear the anaerobic state to set up the lack of oxygen in the pool aeration device, control of dissolved oxygen in 0. 3 - 0. 8 mg/l, the use of microorganisms and biological membrane and oxygen to degradation of organic compounds in wastewater, contact oxidation pool of aerator to choose carefully, both to ensure the oxygen supply, and make sure to fall off of biofilm, update the technology adopts RCYTH buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment, this equipment is mainly for domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment, the main processing methods used at present relatively mature biochemical treatment technology contact oxidation method, a total of six parts: the sewage after O level biochemical pond treatment, the water contains a lot of suspended solids ( Biological membrane loss) ,为了使出水SS四川工业污水处理设备达到排放标准,采用竖流式沉淀池来进行固液分离沉淀池污泥采采用气提设备提至污泥池,同时可根据实际水质情况将污泥部分提至A級生化池进行污泥回流,增加O级生化池中的污泥浓度,提高去除效率一、屠宰肉类加工污水处理设备完整技术解决方案气浮池、UASB 厌氧池、接触氧化池剩余污泥进化验室污水处理设备入储泥池浓缩后,在污泥脱水车间用带式浓缩脱水一体机进行压滤脱水,干污泥定期外运处置,储泥池上清液和压滤液回流到厂区污水系统进行再处理UASB 反应器采用钢筋混凝土结构,通过配水、反应、三相分离过程,使水中的有机物与颗粒污泥充分接触,产生剧烈反应,从而去除水中COD、BOD5同时增强废水的可生化性接触氧化池采用附近城市污水处理厂的好氧脱水污泥,投加活性污泥14 t,投加浓度约为1 000mg/L,投加完毕后,静态闷曝24 h,每班排除部分上清液,开进水泵1 台1 h,即每班150 m3,一天3 班,共进水450 m3/d,此阶段不排泥,此后逐步加大处理负荷,同时进行进、出水水屠宰污水处理设备价格质及反映活性污泥性能指标的测定,包括SV、MLSS、SVI、COD、BOD5等采用UASB+接触氧化工艺处理该肉类加工企业的屠宰生产废水能有效地去除水中的COD、BOD5、SS 及NH3- N, discharge waste water meet meat processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards ( GB Tibet sewage treatment equipment, 13457-92) Livestock slaughtering processing level of emission standards used in UASB + contact oxidation process the enterprise slaughtering and meat processing wastewater is feasible, effluent water quality can reach the meat processing industry water pollution discharge standard completely meat processing industrial water pollutant emission standards ( GB 13457 - 92) The senseless slaughter processing level of emission standards
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