Slaughter wastewater treatment equipment processing abattoir farms integrated wastewater treatment equipment to achieve discharge standard

by:Jinwantong     2021-01-28
Many netizens in consulting about slaughtering sewage processing equipment, processing equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find five article about introduction to slaughter wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment related information, please follow look small make up gas pool, UASB YanYangChi, contact oxidation pond sludge into the mud storage pool, concentrated in the sludge dewatering workshop with belt type enrichment of pressure filtration dehydration dehydration machine, dry sludge sinotrans disposal regularly, storage pool cleaning fluid and mud filtrate pressure backflow to the reprocessing plant sewage system UASB reactor using reinforced concrete structure, through the water distribution, reaction and phase separation process, make a good contact with the water of organic matter with granular sludge, produce intense reaction slaughtering sewage processing equipment, processing equipment, thereby removing COD, BOD5 and at the same time enhance the wastewater can be used biochemical sexual contact oxidation pond near the city sewage treatment plant of aerobic sludge dewatering, 14 t adding the activated sludge, adding the concentration of about 1, 000 mg/L, after the completion of the dosing, static tightness of 24 h, excluding some clear liquid, per class into the pump 1 1 h, namely 150 m3 per class, class 3 a day, 450 m3 / d, the water at this stage no mud, then gradually increase the processing load, at the same time to carry on the inlet and outlet water quality and reflect the determination of active sludge performance indicators, including the SV, MLSS, SVI, COD, BOD5, UASB + contact oxidation process the meat processing enterprises of slaughtering production wastewater treatment can effectively remove the water COD, BOD5, SS, and NH3 - N, discharge waste water meet meat processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards ( GB 13457 - 92) Livestock slaughtering processing level of emission standards used in UASB + contact oxidation process the enterprise slaughtering and meat processing wastewater is feasible, effluent water quality can reach the meat processing industry water pollution discharge standard completely meat processing industrial water pollutant emission standards ( GB 13457 - 92) Livestock slaughtering processing level of emission standards, breeding in the slaughterhouse sewage slaughter wastewater treatment equipment recommended SBR process technology is can be used to slaughter wastewater treatment, sewage treatment equipment of mould because slaughter wastewater quality easy biodegradation, and contain microbes and their need to grow carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, easily adopted by the bacterial decomposition of organic matter cycle activated sludge process ( CASS process) Slaughter wastewater treatment, water COD 1 800 ~ 2 200 mg/L, effluent COD 100 mg/L, or less removal rate above 95%, and meet the national 'integrated wastewater discharge standard' ( GB 8978 - 1996). Primary standard, but the operating process of aeration intensity big, engineering cost up to 0. 68 yuan/m3 above table 1 lists the some single slaughter wastewater treatment equipment processing equipment slaughterhouse wastewater treatment process, the advantages and disadvantages of the single SBR, coagulation precipitation, and fermented by anaerobic baffle reactor ( ABR) And anaerobic biological filter ( AF) Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment process is insufficient, treatment effect is poorer slaughterhouse wastewater treatment combination SBR process has elasticity in AH pool at the back of the packing, the main purpose is to prevent the loss of biomass, can greatly improve the wastewater biological sex, subsequent SBR process, can effectively remove the slaughter wastewater such as COD, nitrogen and phosphorus in the second, pig abattoir wastewater treatment equipment technological process is introduced by iron, etc. , including polymeric ferric sulfate coagulation slaughter wastewater treatment effect is good, in order to reduce the use of aluminum salt, also can use polyaluminium chloride and ammonium polyethylene blend in the synthesis of polymeric ferric sulfate as coagulant, add arbitrary proportion of aluminum salt and a certain proportion of silicate, and a small amount of beautiful rural sewage treatment equipment of polyacrylamide to generate a new kind of coagulant, the composite inorganic polymer coagulant has wide value and temperature scope of slaughterhouse wastewater treatment with it as a coagulant, chroma removal rate can reach respectively simple coagulation treatment exists an obvious problems is the slaughtering process of blood is difficult to eliminate, and produce a large amount of sludge and waste residues (at the same time So if in the use of coagulant treatment to slaughter wastewater appropriately modified before, then using ferrous sulfate and calcium oxide composite coagulant, has good processing effect chroma removal effect is not ideal, must FuHou processing, therefore gas floating oil become necessary for slaughterhouse wastewater treatment method of SBR processing unit of anaerobic biological treatment method is mainly used for treatment of high concentration organic wastewater, in slaughter wastewater treatment by using the method of many kinds of improved anaerobic treatment process for slaughter wastewater characteristics of the process is the improvement on the method of single UASB process, suitable for processing fat containing high concentration of suspended solid particles and oil slaughter wastewater
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