Slaughter wastewater treatment equipment to kill cows that plant, and killing sheep abattoir wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-01
Many netizens slaughtered in consultation on aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment problems of today's small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces slaughtering aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up from slaughterhouse wastewater by the grille ( Network) Removal of sewage of wool, leather, scum, and since the flow after the big particles suspended solid separation tank, clean the oil after the mud and sand into the most adjusting pool, after regulating pool water, and guaranteed afterwards to solve the early stage of the normal operation of equipment to remove the water suspended solids ( ss) , the removal rate of more than 90%, the water entering the integrated wastewater treatment equipment, integrated wastewater treatment equipment by ( Hydrolysis acidification, secondary contact oxidation pool, pool of sedimentation tank) , sewage in acidic solution hydrolysis acidification pool under the anaerobic bacteria will biological macromolecular substances into full consideration of low molecular substances to the pig slaughtering wastewater quality characteristics, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of solutions, is a stage of pig slaughtering sewage is the most reasonable solution to economic development technology for: biological method as the core, auxiliary necessary physics, chemistry and so on to make preparation processing abattoir due to various factors, work time its discharge cycle time with the rest of the wastewater discharge cycle time is different, its primary focus on emissions at night, and therefore must be set to adjust the regulation of a large pool of water to ensure a full set of equipment operation, reduce the equipment produced by impact load, wastewater collection and then through the pump by adjusting pool into afterwards solve after equipment waste water through the front-end septic tanks, package still slaughtering aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment in the waste water containing most of the macromolecular organic pollutants, and therefore need to be further village sewage treatment equipment for the degradation of small molecules, to prepare for later aerobic biochemical, and fully consider the excess ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus in waste water, so be sure to aerobic equipment - The replacement of oxygen standard operating environment to nitrification - Denitrifying replacement operation to meet the role of nitrogen and phosphorus, by setting the hydrolysis acidification pool will be here after aerobic solve part of the water back into hydrolysis acidification pool, killing cows factory, and killing sheep factory to achieve the abattoir wastewater treatment equipment hydrolysis acid chongqing integrated wastewater treatment equipment inside the pool can not set aeration device, control residence time and hydrolysis and acidification stages, not produce gas in anaerobic phase, the first two stages of the COD removal rate is not high, because he is just the purpose of large molecules into small molecule organic compound, general removal rate at about 20%, gas phase of the COD removal rate, generally around 40%, but this is to produce hydrogen sulfide gas deodorization treatment, and achieve the gas phase residence time longer than the first two phase, which is to appear the anaerobic state to set up the lack of oxygen in the pool aeration device, control of dissolved oxygen in 0. 3 - 0. 8 mg/l, the use of microorganisms and biological membrane and oxygen to degradation of organic compounds in wastewater, contact oxidation pool of aerator to choose carefully, to ensure that both oxygen for sand washing wastewater treatment equipment manufacturer, and make sure to fall off of biofilm, update the technology adopts RCYTH buried integrated wastewater treatment equipment, this equipment is mainly for domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment, the main processing methods used at present relatively mature biochemical treatment technology contact oxidation method, a total of six parts: the fouling slaughtering aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment water after O level biochemical pond treatment, the water contains a lot of suspended solids ( Biological membrane loss) , in order to make the effluent SS to achieve discharge standard, USES the vertical sedimentation tank for solid-liquid separation tank sludge CaiCai gas equipment to the sludge pool, at the same time according to actual quality condition will be partial to A level biochemical sludge pools to return sludge, increase the level O biochemical sludge concentration in the pool, improve the removal efficiency
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