Slaughtering slaughtering meat processing wastewater treatment equipment integrated wastewater treatment equipment complete technical solutions

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-02
Slaughtered in consulting about a lot of netizens integrated wastewater treatment equipment problems today, this small make up on the Internet to find the four article about introduce slaughtering integrated wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the construction content mainly includes the transformation separation rain sewage pipe system, mechanical nightsoil equipment purchase, solid-liquid separation equipment, forced ventilation solid waste aerobic composting of oxidation pond sewage treatment system, storage facilities, and water transport and farmland use facilities such as sewage depth processing technology, through efficient anaerobic combined anaerobic-aerobic process, improve the effect of aquaculture wastewater treatment, achieved the integration of national standards for aquaculture wastewater slaughter wastewater treatment equipment using sewage farms staging - Transport - dung sucking collection Solid-liquid separation - Efficient biological treatment - Water storage - 农田利用的处理工艺,提高处理效率,实现污水资源化利用建设内容主要包括养殖场粪污暂存设施、粪污转运设备、有机肥生产设施、污水高效生物处理和肥水利用设施等减少排放、粪尿分离、一体化处理、三个步治污水是永泰普华环保公司根据生猪养殖污水产生的特点,结合养殖污水与工业污水水质污染性质的差异,专业开发的养殖污水治理规程,该方法首先从污染产生源头着手进行减排减量,其次,在污水排放过程减轻污染程度,最后在治理环节采用专利技术增效治理,最终实现养殖污水的零排放一、养猪污水处理国家补贴气浮池、UASB 厌氧池、接触氧化池剩余污泥进入储泥池浓缩后,在污泥脱水车间用带式浓缩脱水一体机进行压滤脱水,干污泥定期外运处置,储泥池上清液和压滤液回流到厂区污水系统进行再处理UASB 反应器采用钢筋混凝土结构,通过配水、反应、三相分离过程,使水中的有机物与颗粒污泥充分接触,产生剧烈反应,从而去除水中COD、BOD5同时增强废水的可生化性接触氧化池采用附近城市污水处理厂的好氧脱水污泥,投加活性污泥14 t,投加浓度约为1 000mg/L,投加完毕后,静态闷曝24 h,每班排除部分上清液,开进水泵1 台1 h,即每班150 m3,一天3 班,共进水450 m3/d,此阶段不排泥,此后逐步加大处理负荷,同时进行进、出水水质及反映活性污泥性能指标的测定,包括SV、MLSS、SVI、COD、BOD5等采用UASB+接触氧化工艺处理该肉类加工企业的屠宰生产废水能有效地去除水中的COD、BOD5、SS 及NH3- N, discharge waste water meet meat processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards ( GB 13457 - 92) Senseless slaughter processing level of emission standards used in UASB + contact oxidation process in the enterprise integration of slaughtering slaughtering wastewater treatment equipment slaughter and meat processing wastewater is feasible, the effluent water quality can fully meet meat processing industry water pollution discharge standard meat processing industrial water pollutant discharge standards ( GB 13457 - 92) Livestock slaughtering processing level of emissions standard henan buried sewage treatment equipment 2, weifang sailing nine slaughter wastewater treatment process, environmental protection, such as sewage treatment equipment by iron, integration of the slaughter wastewater treatment equipment in the polymeric ferric sulfate coagulation slaughter wastewater treatment effect is good, in order to reduce the use of aluminum salt, and also can use polyaluminium chloride and ammonium polyethylene blend in the synthesis of polymeric ferric sulfate as coagulant, add arbitrary proportion of aluminum salt and a certain proportion of silicate, and a small amount of polyacrylamide to generate a new kind of coagulant, the composite inorganic polymer coagulant has a wide value and the temperature scope of application, use it as coagulant slaughter wastewater treatment, removal rate of chroma respectively to simple coagulation treatment exists an obvious problems is the slaughtering process of blood is difficult to eliminate, and produce a large amount of sludge and waste residues (at the same time So if in the use of coagulant treatment to slaughter wastewater appropriately modified before, then using ferrous sulfate and calcium oxide composite coagulant, has good processing effect chroma removal effect is not ideal, must FuHou processing, therefore gas floating oil become necessary for slaughterhouse wastewater treatment method of SBR processing unit of anaerobic biological treatment method is mainly used for treatment of high concentration organic wastewater, in slaughter wastewater treatment using many buried sewage treatment integration equipment improved anaerobic method, according to the characteristics of different treatment processes of wastewater to slaughter the process is the improvement on the method of single UASB process, suitable processing fat containing high concentration of suspended solid particles and oil slaughter wastewater, the second section of the upflow anaerobic sludge bed UASB method, the first phase of the flocculating agent for use of silt in UASB UASB reactor, namely can remove fat particles, grease and other insoluble COD this process is applicable to water quality fluctuation is bigger, high content of protein in wastewater treatment, of which the filter is will ShengLiuShi ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge anaerobic sludge bed and ShengLiuShi anaerobic sludge bed filter - Sequencing batch type activated sludge process and anaerobic filter combination for the integration of the reactor, the process suitable for intermittent water of slaughter wastewater
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