Sludge Scraper, also called clarifier scraper or bridge scraper, is a machine which scrapes, collects, and discharges sludge in a round primary sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, and sludge thickening tank. The diameter of the standard products ranges from 4m to 20m.

Wastewater enters into a sedimentation tank through the central Water Flow Stabilizer which is also called "Energy Dissipating Inlet and Feed Well". Its function is to dissipate inlet water energy, steady water flow and distribute water flow uniformly. Central drive sludge scraper is fitted with a central shaft with scraper arms and scraper blades that rotate in a clockwise direction, thus conveying the debris (sludge, etc.) towards the middle of sedimentation tank to the central sludge discharge pit, from where sludge is discharged.

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