Solar power sewage treatment equipment solar-thermal use new skills sewage treatment technology

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-05
Many netizens in consulting questions about solar water treatment equipment today this station five small make up on the Internet to find the related information about solar water treatment equipment, please follow look small make up on March 11, technical staff of micro solar power tower street Alfred chuang yi land stream village sewage treatment facilities safety checks the facility based on solar power, for the rural sewage treatment system of a solar power sewage treatment equipment for, without personal guard, a microcomputer remote automatic control management according to introducing, since 2017, reduced land to build up the 369 rural micro power and unpowered sewage circulation processing facilities, construction of sewage pipe network, 138 km ( Hubei daily all media reporter Liu Shusong correspondent Leslie cheung taken) Hubei daily on March 28, 2019, 11 version back to sohu, see more, the rural sewage treatment solar energy transmitted by content quality, interactive comment, share, and so on multi-dimensional score of rural domestic sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment, the solar energy equipment medal rank ( ) , on behalf of the platform in the better comprehensive performance, solar-thermal use new sewage treatment technology and new weapon with the original title: solar-thermal use new skills: wastewater treatment technology and new weapon in the sea resources of hainan university, state key laboratory, hainan university professor czy lead the team, successfully developed the use of solar energy and heat resources, sewage treatment technology, is currently popularized to enterprise use 2 solar water treatment equipment, May 12, 017, in hainan province scientific and technological innovation of science and technology awards conference, professor czy lead the team to research and development of solar photocatalytic 'sewage treatment technology, won the first prize in the 2016 science and technology progress of hainan province ( The fujian buried sewage treatment equipment is our own design of parabolic sewage treatment plant has a parabolic gather the sun's light onto the sewage in the pipe after the side come in later on photocatalytic here on the edge of the sewage of poisonous and harmful thing was to break down the are poisonous sewage after treatment we see out of the water is very clear) Solar photocatalytic 'sewage treatment project started in 2004, czy lead the team in the ten years of painstaking research, and in the process of project implementation, set up a high quality solar energy research group ( The original title: sewage disposal technology recreate new weapon solar-thermal smart) 三、太阳能 污水处理近日,在湖南郴州的古城村、禾鱼村、下璜村、圳上村、杨家村、李家村这6个村镇的太阳能污水处理站正式投用太阳能污水处理系统,包括沼气池、格栅池、进水池、厌氧池、缺氧池、曝气池、沉淀氧池、污泥泵、污泥存放池、多介质池、电解处理装置、达标排放池、漂浮物自动处理系统、回流污泥管道、自动起装污泥还田装置,居民区与沼气池、格栅池、进水池、厌氧池、缺氧池、曝气池、沉淀氧池、多介质池、电解处理装置、达标排放池依次相连,所述格栅池连接有漂浮物自动处理系统,所述沉淀池下连接有污泥泵和污泥存放池,所述污泥存放池的一侧连接有自动起装污泥还田装置和回流污泥管道该新型光伏发电能污水处理装太阳能污水处理设备置的电路部分由太阳能光伏板、逆变器、三相交流电控制装置、智能并网装置和应急备用市电网组成该太阳能污水处理装置解决了常规微动力处理技术采用常规电,需要电费,需要专业操作维护人员进行操作管理的不便,湿地处理技术占地面积大,季节性强,植被维护投入大的缺点和无动力处理污水处理设备制造公司技术出水水质差,对氮磷去除差,有臭味的缺陷该太阳能污水处理系统采用太阳能光伏板发电节约能源绿色环保,且太阳能光伏板安装在各个池的池面上大大减少了占地面积四、国际经验太阳能美国污水处理厂应用案例德州市污泥集中处置中心设计的最终处置途径是与城市垃圾一并焚烧,为此,需要对污泥进行干化,使污泥含水率降低到40%以下,以满足后续焚烧的要求,德州市污泥集中处置中心秉承了绿色环保的设计理念,采用了一系列创新工艺和创新技术,从整体工艺和细部处理上都着重体现节能降耗的生产方式本项目位于德州市铁西商贸开发区,为德州市污水太阳能污水处理设备处理厂污泥集中处置工程太阳能集热工程,利用太阳能设备吸收太阳热量,将该热量传递给水,进而将水加热本工程共分4套集热子系统由一组控制系统,其中污泥压榨车间2个,污泥干化车间2个,通过太阳能集热和水泵的循环来加热水池中的水( 1) Solar energy hot water, heating the sludge directly by heat exchange coil heat exchanger in anhui province housing and urban and rural construction department, the department of environmental protection and development and reform commission jointly plan 'to strengthen town sewage treatment plant sludge disposal work opinion'
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