Water Treatment Technology routes for tap water, micro-pollution of rivers and lakes, municipal water and rural life water, food factory water, textile printing water, papermaking water, hospitals water, etc.

A. Waste Water Treatment Project

1. Textile Printing Waste Water

1.1 Characteristics

Printing and dyeing wastewater is discharged from printing dyeing plants mainly processing cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and blended products, 80%-90% become waste water. The feature of the printing and dyeing water is large water volume, high organic pollutant content, large alkalinity and large water quality change. It is one of the industrial wastewaters that are difficult to treat. The wastewater contains dyes,slurries, additives, oil agents, acid and alkali, and fiber lmpurities, sand materials, inorganic slats, etc.


1.2 Process Flow

2. Papermaking Wastewater

2.1 Characteristics

Papermaking wastewater is very harmful. Blackwater is the most harmful. It contains more than 90% of the total discharge of paper industry. Because of its large alkalinity, dark color, heavy odor and foam, And a large amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, a serious pollution of water sources, causing harm to the environment and human health. The most serious environmental pollution in the middle section is the chlorine-containing wastewater generated during the bleaching process, such as chlorinated bleaching wastewater and hypochlorite bleaching wastewater. In addition, the bleaching waste liquid contains toxic dioxins, which are extremely toxic, and poses a serious threat to the ecological environment and human health.


2.2 Process Flow

3. Food Factory Waste Water

3.1 Characteristics

As the production changes with the seasons, the quality of wastewater water quality also changes with the season; the amount of wastewater varies; the waste water in the food industry has many degradable components. For the general food industry, since the raw materials are derived from natural organic substances, the components in the wastewater are also natural organic substances. Mainly, does not contain toxic substances, so it has good biodegradability, its BOD5/COD is as high as 0.84; high concentration of wastewater; wastewater contains various microorganisms, including pathogenic microorganisms, wastewater is easy to be corrupt and odor; nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater High content.


3.2 Process Flow

4. Medical Wastewater

4.1 Characteristics

Medical wastewater contains toxic and harmful substances such as acid, alkali, suspended solids, BOD, COD and animal and vegetable oils. The pollution factors generated by different departments are different, such as heavy metal wastewater, oily wastewater, printing wastewater, radioactive wastewater, etc., and the sewage generated by medical institutions of different natures is also very different.


4.2 Process Flow

5.1 Characteristics

Sewage from washing, bathing, kitchen cooking, feces and washing, mainly contains organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as bacteria, germs, parasite eggs, etc., generally does not contain toxic substances, the water quality changes greatly, and the collection system is affected by rainfall. Greater impact.


5.2 Process Flow

6. Rivers and Lakes, Micro-polluted Water

6.1 Characteristics

The micro-polluted water in rivers and lakes means that the physical, chemical and microbiological indicators of water can no longer meet the water quality requirements of the source water for drinking water in the Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard. One-way indicators of water pollutants such as turbidity, color and smell, sulfides, ozonide, toxic and harmful substances, pathogenic microorganisms, etc. have exceeded the standard, but in most cases are water sources that are slightly contaminated by organic matter.


6.2 Process Flow

Water Purification Project

1. Water resource is surface water

2. Water resource is groundwater


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