Tableware washing wastewater treatment equipment cleaning tableware disinfection process tableware cleaning and disinfection of sewage treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2020-10-17
Many netizens in consulting about tableware washing wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the second article about introduce tableware washing wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the original title: one-piece tableware washing wastewater with one-piece tableware tableware disinfection of sewage treatment equipment cleaning wastewater and tableware disinfection of sewage treatment equipment is in full the tableware disinfection cleaning wastewater characteristics on the basis of the research, and has many advantages, can save money and space in the case of this kind of wastewater treatment with the increasingly strict environmental protection policies, open tableware washing plant must be equipped with corresponding tableware washing wastewater disinfection equipment, if you want to know more about equipment of jiangsu body of sewage treatment equipment and the related technical information, can consult relevant professionals - 180 5368 - 3502. Project introduction: food and beverage wastewater treatment project, the treatment of water is 100 m after a/d, treatment effect to 'integrated wastewater discharge standard' ( GB8978- 1996). Level of standard treatment effect: this plan has realized the tableware disinfection washing wastewater of 'reduction, harmless and recycling', the discharge of wastewater after advanced treatment to the city's emissions standards ( The primary standard in integrated wastewater discharge standard) , low running cost, effluent water quality is good, after further treatment can achieve tableware washing wastewater treatment equipment recycle water quality requirements, the application prospect is good, grass cloth washing tableware washing wastewater treatment needs linen washing wastewater treatment equipment, tableware washing wastewater as the main common industrial wastewater containing surfactant, sodium tripolyphosphate, fiber, oil, dusty particles, a variety of microorganisms, such as water quality turbidity can be good biochemical and washing wastewater biochemical model can be used for processing, the processing of the AO process method is adopted, which can effectively remove the phosphate in the washing waste water, oil, bacteria, viruses and other kinds of impurities, treated effluent water quality can reach the town sewage treatment plant water pollutant emission standards 'GB18918 - In 2002 the level specified in A discharge standards ( 1) Composed of complex cement prefabricated main pollutants in waste water sewage treatment equipment mould manufacturer - — Anionic surfactant into the water after the tableware washing wastewater treatment equipment and other pollutants together, forming a certain dispersion colloid particles, the LAS wastewater such as surfactant to disperse and surface adsorption exists in the form of two kinds of colloidal particles, has a great influence on the physicochemical and biochemical properties of wastewater ( 2) 废水水质波动大,排放规律差 洗涤废水多偏碱性,PH值约在8~11之间,废水中LAS等阴离子表面活性剂负荷一般在10~60mg/L, COD差异可以从几百到几千毫克/升某些洗涤量大的洗衣厂废水中常常含有分子量大的表面活性剂,缺少微生物合成细胞所不可缺少的氮元素,使此类废水的生物降解难度大二、餐具清洗消毒流程餐具清洗消毒污水处理设备餐具清洗消餐具清洗污水处理设备毒污水处理设备集生物降解、废水沉降、氧化降解等工艺于一体的装置,设备结构紧凑、占地少,可根据现场场地情况地埋或置于地面上,具有运行经济,抗冲击浓度能力强,处理效率高等优势,并在餐具 清洗企业中取得了良好运行效果设备针对餐具清洗行业污水处理研发,全国污水处理设备公司采用生物工艺净化水体,不产生二次污染源,处理水满足国家排放标准,是餐具清洗行业污水处理的首选设备集生物降解、废水沉降、氧化降解等工艺于一体的装置,设备结构紧凑、占地少,可根据现场场地情况地埋或置于地面上,具有运行经济,抗冲击浓度能力强,处理效率高等优势,并在餐具 清洗企业中取得了良好运行效果设备针对餐具清洗行业污水处理研发,采用生物工艺净化水体,不产生二次污染源,处理水满足国家排放标准,是餐具清洗行业污水处理的首选1、餐具清洗污水处理设备的污水必须有可生化性,可以理解为可溶性降解的有机物,因为微生物生理活动必须需要足够的营养物质
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