Textile wastewater treatment equipment 62 printing and dyeing enterprises carpet check expected requirements on 31st rectification within a time limit

by:Jinwantong     2020-11-04
Many netizens in consulting the question of textile wastewater treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find the second article on textile wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the project on the basis of quality characteristics of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, using A/O process with dominant fungi wastewater treatment technology, process flow is: the early separation tank - Adjust the pool - Hydrolysis acidification - Biological contact oxidation - Tank - Clear water reserviors - Special waste water back into the water system at the beginning of air flotation equipment machinery grille dyeing wastewater pool sinking separation tank regulation pool and cooling tower 1 # pool of surplus sludge hydrolysis acidification pool 2 # 3 # hydrolysis acidification hydrolysis acidification pool pool 2 # 1 # biological contact oxidation pond sludge biological contact oxidation pool pool inclined tube thickener backflow sludge pool clear water reserviors falls between the excess sludge sand pool area standards between mud cake sinotrans sludge dewatering sludge concentration pool set 1 # ~ 3 # hydrolysis acidification pool, 2, 1 # 9 mx4 ChanChi hydrolysis acidification pool size. 19mx9. 1 m, 3 hydraulic retention time. 6 h2 # 9 mx2 ChanChi hydrolysis acidification pool size. 83 mx7。 1 m, hydraulic retention time 2. 46h1. Engineering commissioning project COD BOD5 NH3 - effect N SS sulfide oil chroma/times PH / ℃ Mg · L - water temperature 1·L - P /毫克 1 incoming water 1200 350 25, 397. 33 7 500 6. 2 1 # 55 hydrolysis acidification pool 3 776 265 12 365. On the 8th of 5, 80. 0 2 # 38 hydrolysis acidification pool 3 688 203 187. 8 2, 65. 7 3 # 35 hydrolysis acidification pool 654 175 85. 5 2 40 7. 3 1 # 35 biological contact oxidation pool 297 65 64. 2 2 July 20. 3 2 # 35 biological contact oxidation pool 165, 28 38 0 6 buried sewage treatment equipment. 2 2 July 20. 3 35 inclined tube reaction pool 69 15 June 30 0. 2 2 August 7. 3 about 35 sand pool 15 June 20 65 0 textile wastewater treatment equipment. 2 2 August 7. 3 35 the data shows that COD, BOD5, chroma removal rate of above 90%, water sewage effluent water quality can reach the textile dyeing and finishing industry standards ( GB4287- 92). Level 1 emission standard one, zhejiang textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment technology of sewage treatment equipment case is introduced for textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse of the sewage treatment facilities in shandong, including three processes: the first step is to use common physicochemical and biochemical treatment process meet the discharging standard wastewater treatment, the second step is to meet the discharge wastewater deep treatment of 2) Biochemical treatment: use the carrier after domestication, hanging film composite membrane mud flow bed reactor ( The CBR reaction pool) In primary air floatation processed wastewater aerobic organic matter decomposition (3) Post-processing: clear liquid water on the tank into the secondary air flotation pool, by adjusting the reflux ratio of secondary air flotation pool and dissolved air pressure, further remove the impurities in the waste water and suspended particulate matter and to reduce the effluent SS, then introduces wastewater pool ozone oxidation, through the strong oxidizing ozone, will be difficult to degradation of organic matter in the process for biological treatment of further degradation, as well as the use of ozone bleaching performance, guarantee the shade of the water, finally introduces ozone pool water recycling pool, realize the waste water reuse 1) This process is the existing mature wastewater biological treatment and physical and chemical treatment process, through the optimization of the parameters and biological carrier composite membrane mud textile wastewater treatment equipment should be through to the microbial screening and domestication, able to handle high pollutants concentration, high colority textile printing and dyeing wastewater, water quality is not stable, low operating cost, good treatment effect, stable operation, the advantages of simple operation, 2) 本工艺可以有效地解决纺织印染企业废水回用处理问题,回用水的水质满足印染企业的用水要求,可以解决纺织印染企业发展与污染排放之间的矛盾,实现企业的节能减排目标,降低企业的运行成本,提升企业的竞争优势二、62家印染企业地毯式检查预计要求月31号前限期整改为切实做好我市印染行业转型升级工作,根据《石狮市印染行业转型升级工作方案》要求,2017年12月25日至2018年1月12日,市印染行业转型升级工作领导小组办公室牵头联合市经济局、生态环境保护局、安监局、市场监督管理局、国土规划和房产管理局、城市管理局、国税局、地税局、公安消防大队等9个部门,纺织污水处理设备分别对全市62家印染企业开展地毯式专项检查行动接下来,市印染转型升级办公室将继续对检查行动结果进行汇总,对信息不完善企业继续开展补充检查,预计于2018年1月31日前完成对全市印染企业整改意见通知书的下发,督促企业切实按照通知书要求完成整改,并及时开展“回头看”工作3日上午,市委副书记、市长黄春辉带领市相关部门主要负责人,以“不打石材厂污水处理设备招呼、直奔企业、指出问题、限期整改”的方式,深入我市部分染整企业开展印染行业转型升级专项检查行动各职能部门、印染企业要认真按照市委、市政府的部署要求,协同发力,加快推进印染转型升级工作,把集控资源转化为发展优势要突出政府主导作用,通过出台落实印染产业转型升级政策,实施管理提升、设备和工艺改造提升、产品和市场拓展、人才培养和企业做大做强“五大提升工程”,建立染整企业综合经济效益评价办法,强化环保倒逼,依法依规运用政策、法律、经济等综合治理的手段强势推进转型升级工作
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