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by:Jinwantong     2021-02-20
Many netizens in consulting about integrated wastewater treatment equipment on the ground today small make up this site on the Internet to find four article about introduced the ground integrated wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the design of buried sewage equipment mainly for domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment, its main means is the biochemical treatment technology that USES a mature - — Contact oxidation method, according to the general water quality parameters of water quality of life, bod 200 mg/l, the water effluent bod 20 mg/l index design, a total of six integrated wastewater treatment unit of composition: (on the ground 1) Pond, at the beginning of 3, biochemical pool using the biological contact oxidation method, the packing is lower, the volume of the load itself in the microbial oxidation phase, less sludge production, only three months, 90 days) More than a mud exhaust ( With dung suction or dehydrated into mud cake sinotrans) 4, the buried sewage treatment equipment of deodorization methods in addition to the conventional air exhaust, the other is equipped with soil deodorization measures recommended more than a few situations usually buried sewage treatment equipment system for processing a, buried sewage treatment equipment integration process in life now, the integration of sewage treatment equipment we drink the water by the different levels of pollution, wastewater emissions, lead to our survival environment more and more bad, threatening to people's life, the development of each big factory of production, the amount of water a day usually in 1 ton, and shortage of freshwater resources now, if you don't control management, we will speed up consumption in order to save the water resources, water resources weifang Ming qing technology co. , LTD. We produce a kind of economical sewage treatment equipment, it is the integration of a buried sewage treatment equipment of aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment, effective sewage processing, to achieve the national wastewater discharge standard (4, primary biological pool YanYangChi) : the method of using anaerobic wastewater treatment, reduce the organic load of subsequent oxygen pool, the secondary biological pool (5 Aerobic pool) :利用好氧的方式处理污水,是有机物进一步的进行分解地埋式一体化污水处理设备有效的将工厂污水进行处理,达到国家排放标准,将污水处理排放到外部环境中,不但不会对环境造成污染,还能二次回用二、一体化污水处理设备常见故障分析早在20世纪初,就有专家指出未来水资源将是世纪石油,可见水资源多么珍贵,当下工业飞速发展,水污染问题愈发严重,一体化污水处理设备受到很多业主们的喜爱,今天莱特莱德哈尔滨水处理设备公司就为大家介绍一下一体化污水处理设备常见的故障及一些解决办法出现这种情况,首先要检查是否进水水量太大,曝气是否出现问题,沉淀池的污泥是否该清理了,消毒设备是否运行正常,检查是否对出水进行了消毒处理这个时候第一反应是检查是否停电了,电线连接是否出现问题,电源无问题后再检查是不是曝气风机出故障了等等此时应该检查曝气是不是存在不均地上一体化污水处理设备匀的故障,如果爆气正常的话则可以考虑适量补给一些营养物质给微生物以上就是哈尔滨水处理设备公司为大家总结的一些使用一体化污水处理设备常见的几类故障了,如果大家在使用设备的时候遇到了如上相似故障可以用作参考,希望文章对业主们有所帮助,电泳污水处理设备有任何设备使用上的问题欢迎随时联系我们三、污水处理设备篇 | 一体化污水处理设备优势运维及故障检查经过实际应用表明, “一体化污水处理设备”是一种处理效果十分理想且管理方便的设备,它被广泛用于生活污水处理,替代了去除率很低、处理后出水不能达到国家综合排放标准的化粪池“一体化污水处理设备”中的AO生物处理工艺采用推流式生物接触氧化池,它的处理效果优于完全混合式或二、三级串联完全混合式生物接触氧化池“一体化污水处理设备”由于在AO生物处理工艺中采用了生物接触氧化池,其填料的体积负荷比较低,微生物处于自身氧化阶段,因地上一体化污水处理设备此产泥量较少因此,“一体化污水处理设备”所产生的污泥量较少
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