The MBR membrane integrated wastewater treatment equipment integration of MBR wastewater treatment equipment MBR process design

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-29
很多网友在咨询关于mbr膜一体化污水处理设备的问题今日本站小编在网上找到了二篇关于介绍mbr膜一体化污水处理设备的相关资料,请随小编来看看吧MBR一体化污水处理设备是一种应用由活性污泥法与膜分离技术相结合的新型水处理技术的污水处理设备,MBR一体化污水处理设备拥有很多的优势,下面小编就来介绍一下MBR一体化污水处理设备与其他污水处理相比有什么优势MBR由于采用膜技术,大大缩短了工艺的流程,通过先进的电脑控制技术,使设备高度集成化、智能化,是目前为止国内自动化程度最高的中水回用设备采用了先进的膜生物反应器技术,使系统出水水质在各个方面均优于传统的污水处理设mbr膜一体化污水处理设备备,出水水质在贵州污水处理设备感官上已接近于自来水的情况,可以作为中水回用由于膜的高效分离作用,不必设立沉淀、过滤等固液分离设备,不需反冲洗,且出水悬浮物浓度远低于传统固液分离设备,使整个系统流程简单,易于集成,系统占地大为缩小以上就是关于MBR一体化污水处理设备与其他污水处理相比有什么优势的介绍了,MBR一体化污水处理设备处理出水极其清澈, 悬浮物和浊度接近于零,细菌和病毒被大幅去除 ,出水水质优于建设部颁发的生活杂用水水质标准,可以直接作为非饮用市政杂用水进行回用一、MBR膜一体化污水处理设备工艺优点由于膜组件的膜孔径非常小( 0. 01~1μm) , can be all biological reactor and sludge interception, the solid-liquid separation effect is much better than the second pond, the MBR of SS removal rate over 99%, even 100% due to the effect of interception efficiency of the membrane module, to intercept all the activated sludge in the reactor, the concentration of sludge in the reactor can achieve a higher level, up to 40 ~ 50 g/L. Thus greatly reduces the bioreactor in wastewater treatment equipment, sludge negative MBR membrane integration MBR on organic matter removal efficiency was increased, the average removal rate of COD of sewage in more than 94%, the average BOD removal rate is above 96% at the same time, due to the effect of separation of the membrane module, make the hydraulic retention time in the bioreactor ( HRT) And sludge retention time ( SRT) Is completely separate, so that you can make, generation time longer microorganisms (slow growth Such as nitrifying bacteria) Can survive in the reactor, guarantees the MBR in addition to the efficiency of the effect of degradation of organic matter, but also has good nitrification studies show that the MBR in the treatment of sewage, the removal rate of ammonia nitrogen in more than 98% on average, the water ammonia nitrogen concentration is lower than 1 mg/L. In addition, choosing appropriate aperture of the membrane module, MBR has a better removal effect on bacteria and viruses also, so you can save the traditional sewage treatment equipment, henan disinfection process in treatment technology, and greatly simplifies the process and integration of the MBR wastewater treatment equipment MBR process design key points from the aspects of price, imported film about domestic film 3 ~ 5 times, on the premise of price is acceptable, as far as possible using imported membrane, mitsubishi and seiko diaphragm is pretty good, of course, the domestic film on the premise of guarantee enough design margin or can be, it's important that designers should make an in-depth technical communication with suppliers, design flux, the design of the general domestic film manufacturer factory has left enough spare flux, but the designer or add allowance, a MBR membrane integration argue that increased by more than 50% sewage treatment equipment, such as wastewater, the author used to design a small water MBR choose domestic brands, but the dosage of MBR is ten times the amount of standard design, up to now two years did not wash, has been in normal use, effluent COD maintain under 30 mg/L 1, the diaphragm assembled together to form a membrane module, special attention is that between diaphragm and diaphragm spacing is large enough, the effective distance is greater than 100 mm ( Axis of greater than 140 mm) , if the diaphragm itself membrane density, the effective distance to relax appropriately, the aim is to keep the flushing flow smoothly reach the top film wire, wire can also reduce the membrane between the harden and intercept, and reduce the cleaning frequency of the membrane module 2, suction pump, sewage treatment equipment mold quantity is lower than the level installation, the lower the better, in the normal state, the membrane module by siphon can be out of the water, if the MBR pool is underground pool, that'd be underground room, to ensure that the suction pump can have enough suction 2, chemical dip tank to do 3, you membrane module put in the size, height in submerged membrane silk stay for 500 mm high, after each dip tank should be perforated aeration pipe and its protection platform, can design a set of 12 can be online for MBR soak cleaning MBR pool, and can avoid the MBR membrane components such as lifting labor to realize automatic cleaning online
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