The MBR wastewater treatment equipment of garbage leachate wastewater treatment process dump wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-31
Many netizens in consulting about the MBR wastewater treatment equipment today small make up on the Internet to find an article about this website introduces the MBR wastewater treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up the difference between MBR and MBBR technology in wastewater treatment equipment MBBR and MBR both techniques even though only one letter, but there are many stakeholders engaged in waste water treatment of the two kinds of confusing, small face right tripod under small make up just to tell you about the difference between these two kinds of process of membrane bioreactor ( MBR) Is a membrane separation unit is on wastewater treatment equipment and biological treatment unit and a new type of water treatment technology, to replace the second pond (membrane module Or water decanter) Remained highly active sludge concentration in the bioreactor to reduce cover an area of wastewater treatment equipment, and by keeping low sludge loading reduce carrier flow quantity of sludge bed moving bed biofilm reactor ( MBBR) , its principle is to pass to the reactor cic to add a certain amount of suspended carrier, improve the reactor in the MBR wastewater treatment equipment and biological species, biomass and thus improve the processing efficiency of the reactor core of MBBR is to increase the packing, the unique design of the packing under the disturbance of blast aeration with water floating in the reaction tank, drive the growth of the adhesion biological bacterium shhuiyuan group of sewage treatment equipment and good contact with pollutants in water and oxygen, contaminants by adsorption and diffusion into the biological membrane, were microbial degradation, waste leachate wastewater treatment dump wastewater treatment equipment technology, but rely on disk tubular membrane reverse osmosis treatment leachate also exist the following problems: adopted high quality integrated wastewater treatment equipment there leachate wastewater treatment of membrane bioreactor ( MBR) Useful technology of domestic ceramic membrane and organic membrane 3 _ / 0 a MBR treatment leachate school life sewage treatment equipment engineering example, the same phase MBR wastewater treatment equipment when success of membrane technology in leachate treatment has a good adaptability, 2) Ro membrane for N good intercept rate ( Can be up to 90%) , to a certain extent, can solve the late leachate effluent ammonia nitrogen can't standard problem
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