The printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment hebei sewage treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-04
Many netizens in consulting about hebei sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find an article about the related data of hebei sewage treatment equipment, please follow look small make up waste water 'zero emissions' refers to the industrial water after repeated use, this part will be salt high concentrated into waste water and pollutants (all More than 99%) Recycled, no liquid waste from the factory wastewater zero discharge is refers to the general industrial wastewater reuse in the process of production, waste water and pollutants of high concentration into the final wastewater by proprietary wastewater recycling, processing or use of proprietary equipment filter after the substance does not dissolve in water recycling, zero liquid discharge plant for wastewater zero emissions, in recent years has developed process for wastewater zero emissions related systems, in accordance with The Times, the environmental protection concrete in the field of industrial wastewater zero emissions have been related to the mature case do, waste water, sewage treatment equipment manufacturers example 3 modular integration of project engineering equipment, can achieve zero emissions processing returns sohu, see more sewage treatment facilities in hebei, hebei printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment, printing and dyeing wastewater with large water volume, high content of organic pollutants, alkalinity, changeable water quality and other characteristics, is difficult to deal with one of the industrial waste water of printing and dyeing wastewater is mainly composed of desizing wastewater and sewage sludge scouring and bleaching, mercerizing wastewater, dyeing wastewater and printing wastewater, generally have high concentrations of pollutants, variety, containing toxic and harmful components and high chroma, etc in accordance with the pig slaughtering sewage treatment equipment, environmental protection using physicochemical + sewage treatment equipment. Combination of biochemical treatment process, the technology mature, low operation cost, simple operation management, can effectively remove the sewage COD, BOD, SS and chroma of printing and dyeing wastewater, such as: wastewater after magazine grille to remove large particles into the regulation pool, adjusting the aeration pool setting, fully blending water quality, and then by the lift pump up to the coagulation pool to adjust ph value, to set up the ph controller online, automatic control and sulfate, PAC, and then enter the flocculation pool, dosing PAM, effective coagulation floc, into the integration of air flotation device, with points from hebei sewage treatment equipment, water entering the ph callback pool, set up online instrument, into the middle and hydrolysis acidification pool, pool for the hydrolysis of organic matter, and then enter the aerobic contact oxidation processing system, and the water into the pond, precipitation and solid-liquid separation, after the measuring discharge groove standard: printing and dyeing water and dyeing water from the shop into the regulation pool, blending in the regulation pool, then through pump ascension through larger pore size of a small amount of fabric fiber bag filter to remove clean water, reduce subsequent technological operation load, the water into the medium filter, through the filter of a small amount of suspended matter and intercept function get clean water and then into the activated carbon filter, degradation of COD in the activated carbon filter, and a small amount of suspended matter: further remove clean water filter into soften the resin tank, water in the resin tank to remove ions, achieve the purpose of reduce water hardness
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