The service life of the sewage treatment equipment factors affecting spray paint waste water treatment equipment service life

by:Jinwantong     2020-12-23
Many netizens in consulting questions about the service life of the sewage treatment equipment today small make up this site on the Internet to find four article on the service life of the sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow look small make up paint wastewater treatment facility on impact when certain substances in the solid surface, attracted by the unbalanced force will stay in the solid surface, this is the phenomenon of adsorption, the adsorption in the equipment is mainly divided into three categories, respectively introduce the solute (here Liquid) Ion due to electrostatic gravity gathered in adsorption on the surface of the belt on the pastry, and replace the original fixed these charged point of other ions, sewage treatment equipment is ion exchange belongs to the scope, the impact on exchange adsorption is by ionic charge number and the size of the hydrated radius is refers to the solute ( Gas or liquid molecules) And because of intermolecular forces between adsorbent ( Also known as van der Waals force) Produced by adsorption, it is a reversible process, sewage treatment equipment when the solid surface and the gas or liquid molecules of gravity is greater than the gas or liquid inside the intermolecular forces, gas or liquid molecules are absorbed on the solid surface from the kinetic theory point of view, these molecular adsorption on solid surface will because of molecular motion, make its out of and into a gas or liquid from the solid surface, its itself does not have any chemical change, when the temperature rises, the gas ( Or liquid) Part of kinetic energy increases, the molecules will not easy to stay in the solid surface, this is the so-called stripping sewage treatment engineering, the adsorption stripping of reversible phenomenon exists in physical adsorption, industrial use of this kind of phenomenon, by changing the operating conditions, the adsorption stripping, adsorbent adsorption material regeneration and recycling or separation refers to the sewage treatment equipment is the purpose of the solute and the adsorbent produces chemical reaction, forming strong chemical bonds and surface adsorption complex, adsorbate molecule cannot move freely on the surface, because of the sewage treatment equipment service life of the chemical adsorption combined with strong, regeneration is solid hard, must at high temperatures to fist-size pile, stripping down is likely to be the original adsorbate, may also is a new material, chemical adsorption are often irreversible, such as: nickel catalyst hydrogen adsorption, the adsorption gas often all at high temperature is needed to escape, the gas released from the sewage treatment equipment and often a chemical change has taken place, no longer has the nature of the original one, the area of traditional sewage treatment facilities buried sewage treatment equipment shell generally used carbon steel welding, pipe and iron bean products wastewater treatment equipment, so the early equipment casing corrosion is a disease, its service life generally in 3 years or so the appearance of glass fiber reinforced plastic is favored by a lot of water treatment equipment manufacturers, PVC pipe also improved the working life of the equipment, now a new type of FRP can be up to 20 - buried sewage treatment equipment life 30年早期的地埋式污水处理设备普遍采用AO、sbr工艺,由于工艺结构简单,填料匮乏,曝气设备及风机等因素导致设备的净化效率不高新型的地埋式污水处理设备工艺越发完善,AO、A2O、MBR及组合工艺的应用大大提升的设备的污水处理设备使用寿命净化能力新型地埋式污水处理设备效率大大提升固然可喜,然而我们水环境问题却越发严峻二、埋式污水处理设备创新污水经过生物接触氧化池处理后出水自流进入沉淀池,进一步沉淀去除脱落的生物膜和部份有机及无机小颗粒,沉淀池是根据重力作用的原理,当含有悬浮物的污水从下往上流动时,由重力作用,将物质沉淀下来水的预处理是在水精制处理前预先进行的初步处理,以便在水的精处理时取得良好效果,提小区生活污水处理设施天然水中含有各种盐类,这些盐类溶解为阳离子和阴离子,含有这些盐类的水,在加热蒸发浓污水处理设备使用寿命缩的过程中,水中Mg2+、Ca2+等离子不断的与水中某些阴离子结合成难溶物质而析出,并生成水垢,附在锅炉的受热面上氧化池根据水处理的污染程度不同分为好几个等级,普通型和加强型主要是使用水解酸化池出水自流至接触氧化池进行生化处理生活污水处理设备供应三、权鼎生活污水处理设备一体化碳钢防腐使用寿命长权鼎生活污水处理设备性能特点:处理能力强
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