The villages and towns sewage treatment equipment rural decentralized wastewater treatment equipment related to wastewater treatment technology is introduced

by:Jinwantong     2021-03-23
Many netizens in consulting questions about the town sewage treatment equipment today this site four small make up on the Internet to find the article on the related data of villages and towns sewage treatment equipment, please follow look small make up when the concentration of suspended solids in sewage is lower, the removal efficiency is not obvious or suspended solid glue when the body is not easy to remove, can be achieved by coagulation sedimentation, filter, etc, the treatment is to strengthen the effect of pretreatment in the general case, hospital sewage slime separation requirements is not high, only a larger changes of the water, the conventional pretreatment process can be used 1) , when a relatively stable and sewage water of organic and inorganic sand separation of suspended solid have higher requirements, the process can be used 2) , when the concentration of suspended solids in sewage is lower, or suspended solid assumes the posture is not easy to remove, the process can be used 3) ,使后续处理中消毒剂能高效的发挥作用由于医院污水污染物浓度一般低于生活污水,常常是高于二级排放标准,如采用二级生物处理,其投资费用较高,所以一些强化的~级预处理工艺或是被称为一级半预处理工艺也可在医院污水处理工艺中根据处理要求适当选用医院污水水量小、水量水质变乡镇污水处理设备化大、悬浮固体和细菌浓度高、后续必须有加强的消毒处理工艺等特点,决定了医院污水二级处理工艺应满足负荷高、承受水质水量变化的能力强、操作简单、运行稳定等要求,一般小型生活污水处理工艺都可以用于医院污水的二级处理_4J,目前比较好的医院污水处理方法有水解一接触氧化工艺、CASS工艺等l医院综合污水消毒处理是整个污水处理系统的最后一步,也是医院污水处理的关键,其目的是杀灭水中的致病微生物和粪大肠菌群一、每天100吨农村污水处理设备处理方法概要用生物接触氧化法处理废水,即用生物接触氧化工艺在生物反应池内充填填料,已经充氧乡镇污水处理设备的污水浸没全部填料,并以一定的流速流经填料生物接触氧化法是一种介于活性污泥法与生物滤池之间的生物膜法工艺,其特点是在池内设置填料,池底曝气对污水进行充氧,并使池体内污水处于流动状态,以保证污水同浸没在污水中的填料充分接触,避免生物接触氧化池中存在污水与填料接触不均的缺陷,这种曝气装置称谓鼓风曝气污水由排水系统收集后,进入污水处理站的格栅池,去除颗粒杂物后,进入调节池,进行均质均量,调节池中设置液位控制器,再经液位控制仪传递信号,由提升泵送至厌氧池( Hydrolysis acidification pool) , finish the removal of organic matter in YanYangChi, acidification hydrolysis and nitrification and denitrification, reduce the concentration of organic matter, removal of ammonia nitrogen and improve sewage biological sex, is advantageous to the subsequent oxygen treatment. Into the pool and oxygen, fully preparing for sewage into the aerobic pond, water from flowing into the aerobic pond, made within the aerobic pool of COD, BOD5, the biodegradation of sewage into the MBR membrane pool precipitation adequately, solid-liquid separation, wastewater from into the water, after the disinfection is done in clear water reserviors emissions hydrolysis acidification process in the treatment of high concentration organic wastewater treatment is applied in the form of more, is by controlling the hydraulic retention time and the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water, biological anaerobic process control on hydrolysis and acidification stages, does not require to produce the MBR membrane integration acetic acid wastewater treatment equipment and methane-producing phase, thus shortens the reaction process and mixing wastewater further time, make full use of the pool and efficient biological elastic solid filler as bacterial carrier, and by oxygen microbes can be difficult dissolved organic matter in wastewater can be converted to soluble organic matter, will be hydrolyzed into small molecular organic macromolecular organic matter, favors the level O biological tank after further oxidation decomposition, at the same time through the flow of carbon nitrogen nitrate under the action of nitrifying bacteria, partial nitrification and denitrification, removal of ammonia nitrogen
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