Unconventional Activated Sludge Reactor Systems

by:Jinwantong     2020-08-19
Activated sludge reactor systems represent a popular treatment mode used at wastewater treatment plants. There have been several advances made in the basic design and process of these systems. In this article, I discuss one such unconventional design I read about recently.
The aerobic digestion of the organic matter in wastewater is made possible by coupling a variety of treatment systems that merge together factors like wastewater aerators, the microorganisms that form a flock in wastewater. Traditionally used activated sludge reactor methods employ either a lone reactor basin or a series of basins. A system that uses a lone basin is called a complete mix activated sludge mechanism (CMASM) while a treatment system that relies on multiple basins is known as a plug and series flow unit. The benefit that lies with the lone reactor basin system like the CMASM process is that there is a far greater degree of mixing of different concentrations of wastewater. This minimizes the quantity of those ingredients that might interfere with the treatment process.
Some activated sludge reactor processes could vary to a great extent from conventional treatment processes. While the sludge is wastewater recycled back into the aerating basin, in a contact stabilization method, the sludge that is obtained from the secondary clarification basin is fed into the stabilizing basin. When comparing the duration up to which wastewater is retained in the basin, the duration required in a contact basin method is half that required in a stabilization basin method. This process is ideal for smaller quantity of wastewater wherein the duration for which the wastewater is to be held is longer. This process is also not so susceptible to the effect of toxic shock and sudden organic loading of the treatment system compared to the effects noticed in a conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment plant.

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