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Understanding Basics of Dissolved Air Flotation Water Treatment Equipment


Installing, maintaining or upgrading a water treatment system can be a big challenge.  Clean water is among the most valuable resources on the planet, and there is a lot at stake when dealing with all water treatment equipment. Obviously, there are even more practical concerns. Not only does one have to consider water treatment equipment that maximizes the recovery of solids, he or she also is supposed to find a budget-friendly solution. It’s no wonder that selecting the right water treatment equipment is such a challenging process. If you are committed to educating yourselves and working with the right manufacturers, you will be well on your way to finding the right water treatment products for your application or project. And, gradually, one kind of water treatment equipment is surpassing others: DAF water treatment equipment.

Dissolved air flotation or DAF treatment equipment is usually the best choice. As we will discuss in the simple guide below, this water treatment method has many advantages over other options. If you’re searching for dissolved air flotation equipment but you are unsure where to discover a trusted one, or whether it is even the ideal option, then continue reading to find out more about this innovative technologies. If you need help selecting the right equipment, feel free to contact our staff with particular questions.

Advantages of DAF Water Treatment Equipment

Although the public may not even be aware of the different water treatment technologies, Dissolved air flotation has emerged with many advantages and has rapidly gained popularity among professionals in various industries. In its simplest and least complicated terms, DAF water treatment equipment implies the techniques and methods it applies. DAF uses dissolved air to lift unwanted solid particles to the surface of the tank. Tiny air bubbles press the suspended solids to the surface of the water, making it easier to remove them. This means that any potentially harmful by-products and sediments, such as algae, can be safely and quickly removed from the water source. Dissolved air flotation is an efficient way to remove solids. That’s why it is commonly used by municipal wastewater treatment plants, refineries and food and beverage companies.

Apart from being extremely effective, the DAF water treatment equipment provides many other benefits. One on hand, DAF equipment is quite flexible in terms of its physical requirements. The equipment itself can adapt to a variety of working environments. So it is certain that, it can work well in any water treatment systems.  Additionally, a reliable manufacturer must advanced dissolving air flotation and can customize DAF equipment according to specific requirements. One the other hand, DAF water treatment equipment tends to be rather energy-efficient. It turns out that dissolved air flotation treatment may be more energy-efficient than alternative methods. 25% to 60% of the energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants is dedicated to the aeration process, which helps microorganisms to degrade organic matter. When you consider this number, water treatment can quickly become very expensive when it comes to energy use. Since these water treatment equipment with dissolving air flotation systems uses newer technologies and methods to achieve reliable filtration and separation, those companies using these equipment to treat water can expect a significant reduction in overall energy consumption.

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation water treatment

Choosing The Right DAF Water Treatment Equipment

There are many types of DAF systems for the DAF water treatment equipment. Two of them are most widely used. One is the open tank system, the other is the plate pack. Open tank systems are ideal for treating wastewater with a lot of solid waste mixed in it. These tanks are long and wide, and most of them are rectangular, so the flotation and separation process requires a large surface area. The plate pack systems consist of tall tanks with corrugated plate packs. Water flows into these systems in a cross-flow configuration, thereby greatly reducing the distance travelled by floating solids. This makes DAF water treatment equipment with plate pack systems easy to separate solids from wastewater.

Now that you have seen some systems of dissolving air flotation, the big question is how to choose the right system. Generally, plate pack systems are ideal for low solids buoyancy, while open tank systems are more suitable for high solids buoyancy. And, the rule is that one can use an open tank system wherever a plate pack system is used, but vice versa is not sure, because the open tank system requires a larger surface area.

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