Urban sewage treatment equipment of rural sewage decentralized wastewater treatment equipment

by:Jinwantong     2021-02-11
Many netizens in consulting the question of urban sewage treatment equipment this small make up today found ten articles on the Internet about the introduction of urban sewage treatment equipment related information, please follow a look small make up urban sewage treatment equipment, buried sewage treatment equipment in coal mines of urban sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment three sewage treatment facilities, hotels, sewage treatment equipment city sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, seven, eight urban sewage treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, sewage, washing wastewater discharge standards, washing industry wastewater emissions which mainly includes the following two ways: one is a town in the washing plant wastewater emissions requirements to urban sewage treatment plant that is entered ( Municipal pipe drains) , another kind is to achieve the suburbs or rural directly discharged into rivers, the earth and based on the characteristics of the wastewater with different, in the laundry wastewater contains a large amount of short fiber material, a large number of detergent foam CODCr value is higher, the turbidity wastewater, sewage containing phosphorus composition is higher, sometimes with deep color, clean water, wastewater including bubble, a small amount of suspended solids contained less and smaller values of the CODCr, looks waste water is transparent, small amount of dry waste water water quality slightly better than cleaning wastewater, air flotation process by cic to join to the wastewater coagulant, demulsification and coagulation air floatation, reduce the detergent in the water, suspended solids, colloid pollutants such as content, and then in the dissolved air water with tiny bubbles will flocculation body under the action of using scraper into corrupt city sewage treatment equipment mud pools the process produced by hydrolytic acidification biological contact oxidation sludge digestion and the nitrification process, high COD removal rate can reach 86%, at the same time, the removal rate of chroma reached 90%, BOD5 removal rate up to 92% of the company's services for chemical industry, printing and dyeing, steel, electronics, textile, washing, light industry, food, electroplating, papermaking, metallurgy, biological engineering, oil refining and other industries, to engage in the process water treatment project design, installation and debugging of water treatment equipment and operation management is given priority to, and to provide comprehensive environmental engineering ( Waste water, waste gas, noise) Over the land of nine, washing wastewater treatment equipment service company infiltration filter system is a kind of artificial strengthening sewage ecological treatment system, sewage after pretreatment by septic tanks, remove the large suspended after batching to control seepage filtration, urban sewage treatment facilities, and then spread in the soil capillary force under the action of gravity and motion, wastewater by physical entrapment in the migration process, physical and chemical adsorption, chemical precipitation, microbial degradation and plants, their function of purified when using red soil + 25% coal cinder to deal with sewage infiltration filter system, its removal rate of COD is 82. 7%, the removal rate of TP is as high as 98. 0% of NH4 + - The removal rate of N 70. 0% of TN removal rate of 77. 7% [ 16] Bai Yonggang, trickling filter treatment of rural domestic sewage, Chinese style trickling filter under stable operation state of COD, NH4 + - The contribution rate of N, TN and TP removal of 74 respectively. 5%, 79. 2%, 33. 8%, 47. 5% the above several kinds of treatment system, suitable for rural domestic sewage treatment in our country, at the same time should pay attention to the application of source separation processing technology, namely the preferred pollution source control, reduce the content of pollutants in wastewater and then adjust measures to local conditions, can use anaerobic treatment combined with this way, or use the earthworm ecological filter and constructed wetland series processing, earthworm ecological filter and infiltration filter system series treatment series, trickling filter and constructed wetland treatment or artificial wetland and the combined technology to deal with infiltration filter system, etc, so as to achieve better water quality, further improve the current situation of rural water environment pollution in our country ten, rural sewage decentralized wastewater treatment equipment, food processing and papermaking technology solutions in sewage and industrial wastewater, contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, lignin and other organic substances. These substances to suspended or dissolved state exists in sewage, can be decomposed by microbial biochemical effect. Need to consume oxygen in the process of its decomposition, and thus is called oxygen contamination. These pollutants can cause the water dissolved oxygen decrease, affect the growth of fish and other aquatic organisms. After the water dissolved oxygen depletion, anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, produce the bad smell, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and mercaptan worsen water quality further. Composition of organic matter in water is very complex, oxygen concentration of organic matter per unit volume of water is commonly used oxygen consumption substances in the process of decomposition of biochemical oxygen said
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